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Being Present

by Reven Bronson, Shawnee, KS
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What does it mean to be fully present?

I used to think it meant shifting my awareness from the wave of creation to the particle of who I am. Zeroing in on what it means to live in this body, paying attention to my breath, what I’m feeling, how I’m holding myself, and where my mind wanders. Being present meant being aware of the details of my existence, and I do believe this is a beautiful place to start. It opens our consciousness to the awareness of who we might really be. We discover the world inside us and begin to feel more clearly the nuances of our souls’ fingerprint.

The more I sit in this place of detailed presence with myself, holding my own pattern, the more I begin to fill out my own field of living. This field is rhythmic. Like the wave, it exists in wholeness. Alive and full, it touches far beyond what I perceive to be me in this body. The more expansive my experience of Attunement is, the more I include in my experience of living, the more I experience the wave. I cling to very little, but can feel myself in everything. I am everywhere. Doing Attunement with another becomes enfolding them within the experience of my grander self.

The more I build and nurture the field, the wave, the vibration, that is my grander self, the easier it becomes to co create with others, with life, ultimately with Being. In turn, the easier it is to perceive what is needed and humbly serve with no attachments. When you feel yourself in everything the power struggle disappears. There is no good or bad, only what is necessary in this moment.

I can feel when people close to me are thinking of me, as we text each other at the same time to share our similar thoughts. I have driven home a friend of my daughter’s, only to instinctively stop at another driveway and tell her I was going to drop her here and she could walk the rest of the way. She proceeded to tell me that was fine, she was housesitting the dog at that house and needed to check on him before going home anyway. I can pick up on when places or patterns need some focused conscious attention. There are many instances of these congruencies, and it does feel magical, but only because it is bliss to feel a part of this moment-to-moment flow of the field.

I do believe it is still important to spend time in the place of the particle so that I know I am clear in the focused attention that is my body. This is my vehicle in which I experience this world and from which I have the privilege of co creating from. However, the wave opens me to greater and greater knowings of unity, rhythm, and truth all of which exist in the timelessness of the present moment.


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