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Zoom Attunement Class

by Nancy Frederick, Portland, ME
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Having recently completed teaching a 5-month Practitioner training solely over Zoom with my daughter, Jane, a seasoned practitioner, I was touched by the recent post by Chris, Andrew, Joseph and Paul and their deep insight and articulation about the long-distance Attunement process.

Our class consisted of willing souls who had each come to Attunement in their own way; for some it was curiosity, for others the desire to add a new dimension to an existing healing practice, and for most it was the desire to move more deeply into an experience they previously had with an Attunement practitioner. Since I had completed a 5-month class with another group in the spring of 2020 when our regular gatherings were cut short by the Covid virus restrictions, I knew it was possible to meet in the Attunement Field in this manner with a group who had been together in person, but was interested to see how the process would unfold with individuals who had never met. The first comment in the introductory class after the initial shared protocol was “That was awesome! I could feel everything!”

We met every 2 weeks for 10 sessions of 5-6 hours apiece. Although the experience of being with a gallery of faces on Zoom was very different from sitting in the field of the Attunement circle and setting up tables to practice protocols, we were able to share deeply and openly as connections and relationships formed between the participants. The first hour or so of each meeting was dedicated to checking in and discussion. We felt it was important to deliver most of the same material we cover in regular classes, so handouts were emailed ahead of time, Chris’s and Andrew’s books were purchased, and other protocols introduced as time allowed. Andrew Shier’s Nervous System and Paul Price’s Chakra protocols were focused as well. There were surprisingly few technical issues, and we paired people so that each person had an opportunity to work with each other over the course of the 10 sessions. Many of them partnered for Attunement between classes on their own and shared with each other.

Liz Turner and Andrew were able join us for a morning, blessed us with their insights and inspiring words and each led the group in a protocol. Throughout the course, the field was palpable, undeniable and powerful, and the transformations were deep, recognizable and profound.

Here are a few observations from some of the participants:

  • Attunement is helping me navigate the world and other people. It’s like I’ve learned a whole new language of communicating. It just happened on its own. I feel so unequivocally loved.
  • The version of me that is here barely recognizes the version of me that was before. I actually have the tools and confidence and trust to ride the wave and get tossed about. In the past I was at the mercy of all the energies around me. Now the fear response isn’t even there. I’m living alone now for the first time ever; that is a massive change.
  • I’ve had a fear of success. I’m grateful for what has happened with Attunement. I’ve learned to give and receive love in a way that I didn’t know before.
  • I’ve learned how to better accept things in other people, that they can’t be what I want them to be. I feel strength instead of feeling sorry for myself.
  • My life looks the same but I don’t feel the same. I feel more intact. Attunement will be with me wherever I am.
  • Attunement has brought self-acceptance; I’m redefining my identity.
  • Attunement has allowed me to feel unconditional love when I couldn’t find it for myself. I have gratitude for the authenticity of Attunement and learning how I can be authentic within myself.

We’re looking forward to offering this experience in the future. Because of the online platform there were no geographical constraints, so that a couple of students who could not otherwise have participated had the opportunity to delve into this creative field of loving energy. As I write this, I’m realizing that some even participated in other Attunement offerings with the extended community through summits and teleconferences, so I believe there’s a realization that some of them have found their tribe. We’re looking forward to an in-person experience when it’s possible to get together in the near future.

The gratitude I feel for this practice and the opportunity to share it with others fills and enriches my world in ways I never believed possible. Sharing the experience with my daughter, Jane, whose unique gifts only enliven and deepen the exploration for me and for others, is a blessing of rare authenticity and grace.

We thought you’d like a wave from our “Zoom Attune“ friends:

Top – Left to right: Ruth Berle Jones, Jane Frederick, Casey Phelps, Mica Thompson
Middle L-R: Heidi Smith, Nadja Bruder, Matt Consul
Bottom: Robin LaCobb, Nancy Frederick , Kelly Bruce
Absent : Sydney Bradshaw

One thought on “Zoom Attunement Class

  1. Nancy – thank you for sharing your experience of using Zoom to teach an Attunement class. It is wonderful to know that you and Jane were able to create a meaningful Attunement experience for the class members. Encouraging and assisting the class members to develop the necessary long-distance perception so they could participate in the fullness of the class is impressive! I love the picture. Awesome!

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