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Hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Attunement with the Thyroid

by Joseph Antell (Loveland, CO) and Chris Jorgensen (Gladstone, MO)
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Joseph: Hypothyroidism (low thyroid) will affect 12% of the U.S. population (American Thyroid Association) in their lifetime. Thyroid disorders are often misdiagnosed as other conditions. When the thyroid doesn’t create and release enough hormones into the blood stream the metabolism slows down causing a variety of symptoms such as tiredness, weight gain, intolerance to cold, anxiety, depression and high cholesterol. If undetected, Hypothyroidism can lead to cardiovascular issues, osteoporosis, infertility and other conditions. From an Allopathic point of view the causes of thyroid problems are largely unknown. From a Wholistic view there are three significant ranges of vitamin, mineral and gland-specific proteins (protomorphogens) at the core of the decline in thyroid health. Here is a brief review of these three types of nutrients needed in the diet of human beings.

Vitamin F:
Unsaturated fatty acids from fish oils (fatty fish) plant-based oils (avocados, coconut oils) and oils from seeds and nuts (flaxseed oil, sesame oil). Vitamin F is the key vitamin for the balanced release of hormone in the thyroid cycle. It cooperates with thyroxin to make it acceptable to the tissues in the body. It works in cooperation with Vitamin K (K2) and the spleen for mineral regulation, especially calcium distribution from the blood into the tissues of the body. The most effective supplement as a source of the Vitamin F factors is Standard Process Cataplex F tablets.

This mineral makes up to two-thirds of the thyroid by dry weight. 65% of thyroxin is Iodine. Blood labs previously evaluated thyroxin by the Iodine content measured in the blood. Iodine provides the fuel for metabolism. The thyroid cells are specialized for extracting Iodine from the blood and incorporating Iodine into thyroid hormones. Iodine is a disinfectant for the blood, decreases fibrotic growth, helps neutralize viruses in infectious states and prevents bromine, fluorine and chlorine from entering the cellular network. The World Health Organization considers Iodine deficiency to be the main cause of mental retardation. I recommend Standard Process Prolamine Iodine Plus as the most effective source of Iodine.

Thytrophin PMG:
Dr. Royal Lee in the 1930’s expanded the work of Dr. McCarrison and Dr. Henry Harrower, a renowned endocrinologist and Organo therapist, who brought glandular therapy into the wholistic approach in client care. Dr. Lee’s ground-breaking work in the development of protomorphogens (nucleo proteins) revolutionized the use of glandulars in normalizing (self-regulating) organ, gland and tissue function. These glandular protomorphogens continue to this day to be significant in regulating tissue decline in auto immune syndromes. Standard Process Thytrophin PMG (protomorphogen) is the third critical nutrient needed in balancing thyroid function. When any tissue in the body is damaged or broken down necrotic (dead) tissue proteins leak into the blood. This antigenic material is removed by antibodies that remove this cellular debris. Once accomplished, these antibodies then may attack the source of the tissue breakdown creating an auto immune reaction. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is the final result of an immune assault. Since 1952, Standard process’s Thytrophin PMG redirects these attacking antibodies, removing the burden on the thyroid, so that healing can occur.

Over time this beleaguered, yet essential, endocrine gland can release its powerful hormones regulating the metabolism (action) of every cell in the body. Some lifestyle recommendations for hypothyroidism involves eating smaller amounts of Paleo-based satisfying foods, laughing more, singing, chanting and a relaxing daily movement such as Tai Chi, Yoga to get the body, mind and spirit back into the natural rhythms and flow of life itself.
(Joseph’s new book is: Adjuvant Protocols for Healing – A Practitioner’s Manual)


Chris: Where does Life come from? Science has spent years searching for the origin of Life on Earth and in the Universe (today’s NASA – Exoplanet search). Through Attunement one may come to know that the radiation and energy of Life comes from the vibrational union of the Pineal – Love and the Pituitary – Womb, resulting in the conception and birth of Life! This radiant energy is then expressed through the Thyroid and revealed to the world. The larger view of Attunement with the Thyroid – your own, another person, or in a group – is that one is actively sharing in the radiation of Life with all life forms on the planet. It is awe-inspiring to realize that the human form with its endocrine system is the perfect divine instrument to consciously steward the radiation of Life (not telescopes, radio telescopes or any digital devices)!

(quote from Chris’ book “Attunement: The Creator’s Magic”)

“Life and the radiation of Life are the direct evidence of the cloud of glory. The radiation of Life is the first tangible evidence of the Shekinah pattern of Being. The radiation begins to describe, in its own way, the place of home in which Beings rightly dwell on Earth. This place is much more fluid than the outer dimensional experience. The radiation of this Fifth Seal, the Spirit of Life, relates in a specific way to the fluids of the larger earth body. Inside the various fluids of the planet carrying the radiation of Life, there are many different currents – life forms in the pattern of water (oceans, lakes, seas), life forms in the pattern of air (insects, birds, human), life forms on and in the pattern of the soil (plants, insects, animal), and life forms under the surface of the Earth (minerals, crystals, water, oil, gases)…

The Fifth Seal and the radiation energy that moves through the Fifth Seal allow the individual to have a direct hand in the creation of life forms throughout the entire planet. Here is the first level of oneness that is possible to express, experience, and know. Indigenous peoples were and are keenly aware of this radiation energy. Most indigenous peoples view the life forms on the planet as intimate relations and the planet as the Great Mother.

To know the radiation of Life you need to explore the various patterns in which the radiation is held. Human beings were created to have direct ties into all the patterns on the planet, so that the life of the planet would be honored and kept sacred. Thus, through the various patterns with which an individual may connect with in daily living, one can experience and know the larger patterns of life and life’s movement on the planet. There are many levels of patterns present in any one individual, including global patterns. Not many people are aware of these larger global patterns that relate to the entire planet. Who will hold these global patterns sacred and true so that the Earth’s body may take its rightful place in the solar family? Earth, like each planet, has its own [Life] pattern.”

Life’s energy is revealed in patterns. As you share Attunement with these patterns you will begin to see and understand their purpose as well as the various opportunities to work with all patterns in a creative and meaningful way. It all begins with clearing and balancing one’s own life-pattern in the Radiation of Love.

Here is my approach to sharing Attunement with the Thyroid, either with myself or another:

1) Balance the life-pattern
2) Balance and clear the radiation through the Pineal and then Pituitary
3) Balance and clear the Thyroid by placing the giving hand (GH), open and flat over the Thyroid – receiving hand (RH) straight through the back of the neck. (If the person is lying down, use the pituitary as the receiving contact.) Once there is initial balance, change the shape of the giving hand into more of a focus and share Attunement with each lobe/wing of the Thyroid which is shaped like a butterfly. After the focused radiation is balanced on each lobe, return to the open flat hand again and re-balance the radiation through the whole Thyroid.
4) Re-balance the life-pattern

As the life-pattern is cleared at the Spirit of Life level, there is an immediate, radiant influence released into the larger world patterns – bloodlines, cultures, countries, racial, even global fluids. We invite you to share Attunement with yourself, or someone else, and Bless the World!

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4 thoughts on “Hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Attunement with the Thyroid

  1. Thank you Joseph Antell, and Chris, my daughter has a thyroid disorder and I have been sharing attunement with her. This method will work better I think thank you Chris. Adjusting the diet is so important as well. Thank you Joseph for sharing how it all works. As always very helpful post for all of us in the field.
    Gratitude and Love, Lorrie

  2. Thank you so much ,
    This was such a wonderful reminder how spirit enters the world through our endrocine system.
    I felt a new connection to Thyroid and a reminder about standard process.

    thank you again

    In Love

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