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Global Attunement: A followup message from the IAAP Board

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO
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The IAAP Board would like to thank everyone who has participated in sharing Global Attunement over the last month. Attunement is a beautiful and an impactful way of extending Light and Love to the planet, our home. For us, and likely most of you, during that time there has been an increasing sense of the whole Earth being alive, “the world and they that dwell therein”.

Chris gave an Attunement talk on April 12th in which he mentioned a couple of experiences of coming to know that the Earth was alive. Here is an excerpt from that talk.

One of the more profound, required shifts in thinking is the consciousness that the Earth is alive! Planet Earth is alive. It has Presence and that Presence has a body, a mind, and a feeling nature with all of the associated energies and substance. In my own life I have had some profound experiences leading me to the awareness that the Earth is alive.

One of my first experiences occurred at a time when I was working as a Project Engineer on an oil project in the arctic, the Prudhoe Bay oil fields in Alaska. My wife, Donna, would take me to the Los Angeles airport and I would fly to the arctic setting to host oil field development meetings with ARCO (Atlantic Richfield Company), BP (British Petroleum) and Sohio (Standard Oil of Ohio) engineers. On this particular January morning—a time when there is no sun and it is dark 24/7—I was hosting engineering design meetings at a large oil well gathering facility. On the drive over to this facility there appeared a huge wave of green and yellow Aurora Borealis. Often most such appearances occurred in the heavens above or were much further out. However, this display was right where we were. The curtain of the colors began to come lower and lower and lower. So I said to my driver, “Stop!” I bundled myself up, because the temperature was 90 below zero, jumped out of the vehicle and ran 30 yards out into the tundra field. I raised my arms and hands up as far as I could so as to touch the wave of dancing energy swirling around me. In those amazing moments of having my arms up, I felt like I had put my hands into the thinking process, the mind of the Earth. It was alive and I felt it! It was so exciting and exhilarating and this experience left a mark on me and my awareness.

Some years later, Donna and I were living in the Portland, Oregon area in a beautiful setting and we were visited by John and Sarah Waskom who were friends from Louisiana. John held a PhD in geology and was the Chairman of the Northwestern Louisiana University’s Geology department. He wanted to visit Mount St. Helens. We had moved to the Portland area about six months after Mount St. Helens had erupted. So, the four of us took off for Mount St. Helens, which was only about 30 to 45 minutes from where we were living. In our travels we came upon a helicopter tour, and for a small nominal fee, they would give us a ride over the local area to view all the changes that had taken place in just a few destructive minutes. We paid our money and went on this eye-opening tour of the catastrophic change by the volcanic activity which covered at least 200 square miles. The volcano had in but a moment or two changed the landscape of the local area completely. Near the end of the tour, the pilot asked us, “Would you like to go inside the volcano?” John was screaming yes, yes, yes! And so into the south face of the volcano we flew. The south face of Mount St. Helens had fallen away in the explosive release. The pilot took us around the bubbling lava dome in the middle of the volcano. All around the crater floor were blue, red, white and yellow pools indicating that various minerals were streaming up from the earth. The atmosphere in the helicopter was filled with a strong sulfur smell. All of us in that moment had the distinct perception that we were perceiving and feeling the Earth breathing! It was deeply moving and very tangible. Once again I had the impression that the Earth is alive. It has Presence.

The awareness of the Earth being alive, whether that consciousness is something recent or something known for a longer time, impacts how we individually live. Humankind is moving into a new reality, a New Earth. The challenge and opportunity with each one today is to generate the heavenly pneumaplasm for this change. In this sense the world is literally in our hands. In the midst of this great moment, we encourage each one to continue sharing Attunement; share Attunement with yourself, with friends and family, with clients and planet Earth!

Blessings in the Attunement Radiation!

Chris Jorgensen – Tom Hansen – Erin Rivers

If you have questions please contact one of us – Chris Jorgensen (President), Erin Rivers (Secretary), and/or Tom Hansen (Treasurer).


4 thoughts on “Global Attunement: A followup message from the IAAP Board

  1. Thank you, Chris, for these beautiful reminders that Mother Earth is indeed alive! It is up to each one of each to cherish her, and treat her with respect and stewardship.

  2. Thank you so much Chris,
    Your stories really allowed me to take a deep breath.
    I have been aware that this virus which makes it hard to breath has allowed the earth to breath and heal.
    Yesterday I was saying that the sky in Maine has been blue and clear for so many more days this spring. It reminds me of my experience of the blue sky in my child hood. The Clarity of the sky always helps my mind be clear.
    Much Love to all

  3. Through your sharing of your experiences, a deeper, more palpable sense of Planet Earth as Being, has come to rest within me. Your words, as vehicles to join, to be part of the touching into the Aurora Borealis, and your sense of presence in the Planet’s thinking process…. in the broken open south face of Mount St. Helens and the experience of sulfury breath… has considerably enriched my landscape. Thank you for the invitation into your experience and the gift of your perceptions.

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