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I am the World Around Me

by Reven Bronson, Shawnee, KS
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As I sit here in my morning Attunement,  working with my own pattern, my sweet kitten lays next to me purring away, as she does every morning. Sometimes she will put one paw on my leg. Sometimes she can’t stand it and will curl up in my lap wanting to feel me all around her. But she is usually there every morning like a moth to a flame.

There have been times I have worked with her pattern directly, and she gently smiles and relaxes into my conscious attention to her and the current of the field between us. However today, as I sit here and feel her utter delight in being near me, and the field I have generated from within me, I am left wondering, “Can we be just as effective in working with others by simply working with ourselves?”

As our own resonant field becomes clearer and fuller, we might become more effective in working with others from that place within us, knowing that we are them and they are us.

We have talked about this awareness before, and I know Chris Jorgensen has written about it, but it really sank in as a reality to me as I sat with my kitten. As this shifts for me in my awareness, I can begin to reach further and further out into the world, and the solar system, all by ONLY working more and more consciously with what is within me and not by trying to tap into something ‘out there’. Life could be waiting for us to sink so deeply within ourselves that the entire universe opens to us all.





9 thoughts on “I am the World Around Me

  1. Thank you, Reven, and your kitty. I really appreciated your words and your reminder: as above, so below – so perhaps: as within, so without. I was filled with such warmth and love thinking about you and your kitty in Attunement. Bless the World! Practice Attunement! 🙂

  2. Thank you Reven,
    For your perspectives. Your thoughts rebounded on me in an unforeseen way. I’ve been thinking recently how at this present time on our planet there are great opportunities for change within the body of humanity. Until I saw that I am that humanity I see ‘out there’.

  3. Dear Reven,
    I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and experiences. Often, in Long-Distance Attunement, I see the other person as an extension of me, and as I share Attunement, I see in actuality I am sharing Attunement with myself. Attunement and the world’s wisdom traditions teach there is only One. Recently in one of our Kansas City Attunement meetings, Chris Jorgensen said “Oneness accommodates consciousness of the Divine.” He went on to say, “If you want to move forward, live in the Oneness”. When I am in the presence of individuals of great spiritual attainment, I am uplifted and feel changed. I experience the Light of their Awareness, and I feel transformed by their living in the Awareness of Oneness. When I am clear inwardly, aligned with Source, and focused on the Light of my Awareness, Attunement does feel more effective, and I experience Oneness. What astounds me again and again is this experience of the Source and Oneness is within me.

  4. Beautifully written. My one cat joins me as well. It is one of the most tender moments in my day. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  5. Dear Reven: Thank you for sharing your experience. Having found myself, more recently, wandering in this realm of inquiry, it is lovely to see what is arising for you, as you write so clearly about your experience. It would be difficult not to acknowledge the ways in which my own life orientation has been “out there” at a time when the invitation feels “in”, (the “out there” compass direction becoming more apparent). There’s a sweet, deep feeling of Oneness that surfaces quite naturally, through the portal you open with your inquiry. I deeply appreciate your inspiration to share, Bonnie Jo

  6. Thanks, Raven for taking time to share this experience. Good reminder of how our energetic space is always affecting our world! ❤️

  7. Reven,
    Thank you for sharing this and putting so beautifully in to words something I have been working with(and often struggling with) for a long time. Jeannine Robinson

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