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Oneness with the Spirit of the Living God

by Leia Meryt, Longview, TX
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Sometimes the road calls to us. This summer I took a road trip that not only allowed me to see many loved ones, but brought me closer to the truth of ALL, to that which is within, and in the process, it allowed me to renew and re-vision my life in Attunement.

Through the beaches of Santa Barbara, California, the Rocky Mountains, the rivers of Southwest Colorado, the Red Rocks of Sedona, AZ, then through New Mexico back around again to the flowering desert oasis of Joshua Tree, California, I spent time with dear friends and family, and my heart filled.

Through Attunement, I was able to accept with gratitude whatever the day presented. On this journey, I specifically welcomed what life brought in the ability to recognize myself as a sacred site, a temple of grandeur, soliciting an invitation with no RSVP necessary. How refreshing!

While in Santa Barbara celebrating July 4th, I was able to attend the showing of a documentary film titled: Pieces I AM, featuring the life and philosophy of Nobel Literacy Prize winner Toni Morrison. Past interviews with Toni were highlighted in this film, revealing the extraordinary qualities she had, to speak forthrightly about being a black woman in America, while addressing other social issues inclusively with a personal nature of authentic surround.

A Toni Morrison quote from this film, “If you surrendered to the air, you could ride it,” came to exemplify both my meditations and my journey. I trusted in Source, I lived in Attunement and through many miles of solitude, I experienced an expansion of my heart, what I have come to know as Living Attunement. I understood in a new way that I was creating anew each day.

As I returned home, I found myself yearning for the familiar. Living with my daughter, her husband, and my four young grandsons, I missed the boisterous activity of our everyday. After arriving, the next morning I awakened to the sound of four little voices speaking with the natural enthusiasm of youth, “Grandma you’re home!” My heart continued to expand, and their voices were music to my ears.

Listening for, then surrendering to the call, in my case, a road trip, brings in unexpected bounty in learning again the joy of patience, kindness, understanding, compassion and enlightened consciousness, both as expressed and received.

I was blessed to experience the ONENESS with the Spirit of the Living God: the Glory of the Divine that is ATTUNEMENT.



3 thoughts on “Oneness with the Spirit of the Living God

  1. Thank you Leia,
    For your wonderful description of living in heaven on earth. Your created experience reminded me of some words from Revelation 12:

    Saying, Amen: Blessing, and glory, and wisdom, and thanksgiving, and honour, and power, and might, be unto our God for ever and ever. Amen.

    Evidence of one letting the light shine into a world which so needs it right now!

  2. Leia, what a beautiful reminder that we live in Attunement with every breath that we take.

  3. Leia — What a joyful, energetic, peaceful, bountiful ride with you, sharing these word essences from your journey. I have often thought of, and experienced, America as a landscape which naturally opens up new visions of the archtypal Road Trip as the way to the Way — with my car as my attunement sanctuary, and beloved symbol of my Secret Place of the Most High, a pulsing envelope of tranquility and assurance and radiance moving silently across the awakening land. All of this, and more, comes through your story. It is a delight to see and acknowledge the Temple of Grandeur and the Sacred Site that you are — two exquisite images. Thank you for sharing this unique pattern of attunement with us all. db

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