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Self Attunement

by Gary Ragan
Liberty, MO
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I have been actively exploring Self Attunement over the last few months and am excited to offer this Self Attunement Protocol as an approach that others may wish to experience. My interest in Self Attunement started when my mother began investigating our ancestral line. In reviewing the data, I discovered that I could trace back three generations of family with lower back pain and several other unique character traits in my bloodline. Some 30 years ago, it was lower back pain that started me on my spiritual journey. Along that journey, I met Chris and Donna Jorgensen and was introduced to Attunement. Because of my new Attunement lifestyle, in a short period of time my back pain went away.  I am grateful for this means to work with my overall life’s vibration and to deal with various self-destructive patterns, letting that energy be replaced with the light and radiation of Love. It is the expression of the truth of love that connects me or anyone to the grander creative cycles of Being.

In my perception there is a massive change taking place in the world. The vibration of the planet is shifting – some say to the next Fibonacci number (from 8 MHz to 13 MHz).  As this vibrational shift happens, patterns that have been in place (in me – in everyone) for decades, if not centuries, will be brought into the light to be seen and addressed. Attunement is a great tool that allows one to participate in this shift – to make a gentler transition. Those who continue to live in a vibration that is based in some form of fear and shame will likely have a more difficult time making that same transition, if it is made at all.

When sharing an Attunement session having a proper environment can make a big difference. For me that means getting chores out-of-the-way so I can quiet my mind and focus on the Attunement. For my setting I have a very comfortable rocking chair in the living room that catches the east morning sun. The energy of the room is fabulous to work in. There are many ways to do Self Attunement. For example, you can sit in front of a mirror, focus your energy into the body part that you wish to work with and is reflected in the mirror. Another option is physically holding one hand into the cervical pattern while placing your other hand in the area being worked with. What works best for me is letting my hands rest in my lap about 4 to 6 inches apart, and with my intent, placing the life pattern or body parts I’m working with in between my hands, radiating energy from my right hand through to my left hand until I feel balance has been reached. Then releasing and moving on to the next body part. By using this technique I am able to keep the rest of my body quiet and stress-free allowing me to focus more on the feeling perception between my hands.

In this Attunement there will be a unique feeling perception with each body part. You may notice that when working with the body parts that directly connect to the          Creator’s/ Love presence (like the endocrine glands) there is a lighter, airy feeling quality. When working with bones and DNA it is a more dense, heavy, earthy type sensation. I realized over time that sharing Self Attunement on a regular basis allowed me to see and understand that some of the deepest and most set patterns are in the bones and the bone marrow. I usually share this protocol for 40 minutes. It can also be accomplished in 20 or 30 minutes or whatever time you have.

If you choose to work with this protocol, I hope you will enjoy it and find it helpful. I welcome your feedback. Here is the Self Attunement Protocol.

  1. State your intentions of releasing patterns of dysfunction and replacing them with patterns of divine/love.
  2. Open vesica piscis (place of union) between your heart and mind.
  3. Balance cervical life-pattern.
  4. Balance the pineal, pituitary, hypo-thymus glands located in the 3rd ventricle of the brain.
  5. Balance the current throughout the entire brain.
  6. Balance the current in the cardio-vascular system – heart, veins, arteries, capillaries.
  7. Balance the current in the organs – lungs, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, stomach, intestines, spleen, pancreas, bladder.
  8. Balance the current in the lymph and lymph nodes, skin and myofascia tissue.
  9. Balance the current in the 206 bones (in an adult) – start with the head and visualize all the way down to the toes.
  10. After balancing the bones, let the current go deep into the bones to work with the bone marrow.
  11. Re-balance cervical life-pattern and close.
  12. Give thanksgiving for being able to this work.

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4 thoughts on “Self Attunement

  1. Thank you, Gary, for developing this very useful Self-Attunement Protocol. The first Attunement occurs in myself – a human being! I have, like you, found some of the more foundational human vibrational patterns in the bones and bone marrow. In these increasingly challenging days, I am so grateful for the blessing of Attunement which provides a means through which one may consciously work with oneself to live a balanced and sacred life.

  2. Thank you Gary, I find this Attunement most helpful. The field of Attunement is so open to expansion to what is needed in todays world. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  3. Thank you for sharing this . What a wonderful reminder of the magic of self attunement. and the magic of connection with the source.

  4. Thank you Gary,

    Indeed I cannot thank you enough! …. and I haven’t even tried out your suggestions yet. I read your piece a good while back and it has been sticking in my mind ever since. Again thank you for opening up this subject in greater detail as really Attunement starts always from where I am and what I am ~ to be aware of the quality of the vibrational envelope I am residing within and around. It would be great to get in touch with you again after a cycle of time…..

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