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Vibrational Attunement

Excerpt – edited & condensed
from a talk by Martin Cecil
« August 25, 1962 »


It is a vibrational attunement that is needful, something which we may share so that we are truly together in spirit. As I said before, this does not necessitate that we should all be together physically speaking… The mere fact of someone being on the other side of the world does not mean that that person cannot function closely vibrationally. Distance actually has nothing to do with, it; it just seems so to the human mind sometimes… Until we can begin to develop that vibrational awareness which enables us to be with one accord regardless of where we are, there is an essential central factor missing from the Lord’s ministry [Being’s design for the individual and collective body] on earth, and it is upon this central factor that all else depends.

To be with one accord in one place. The place is not a physical place. It may happen to include a physical place on occasion, but it is not the mere fact of being together physically that does it… It is this vibrational accord which permits the working of the spirit of the living God on earth, by which the divine task is achieved.

… What do you see vibrationally speaking? What do you see from the spiritual standpoint? How capable are you of coordinating in that sense? This is the thing that carries the central core of meaning. As there is something developed which is trustworthy in that sense, capable of staying centered because there is an absolute knowing that it is not the external circumstance that matters for the moment, we have what is needful.

… If there begins to be true spiritual perception, then there is developed wisdom, a sense of the fitness of things, so that we all move very delicately, very carefully; there is something which gives evidence of its sacredness in all that finds expression through us… Do you recognize that as long as sacredness is made manifest in living, all that finds expression in the whole spectrum of living will be right and fitting and beautiful, permitting the experience of joy in the vibrational levels of Being?

We are here to begin to come out of the refined levels of self-activity and become aware of the divine design, become aware of what service really is, that we may play our part in it. Spiritual things are spiritually discerned…

… We have an opportunity leading into the days before us, by which something may be achieved from the divine standpoint as we move to the level of true spiritual awareness … that we may come into place with one accord and share what Being offers.


5 thoughts on “Vibrational Attunement

  1. There is a sense of comfort in the idea that we are all vibrational Beings, connected in the Sacred. I am thankful for the wisdom of Martin – and for the benefits of being a part of the Attunement community. I love what David Barnes has said – we are “living and serving with vibrant assurance of continuous attunement within this inexorable creative cycle.” Yes we are!

  2. Just wanted to say that I am very thankful for attunements which so far I have been sharing with Paul Price in Aurora, Ontario, Canada in his home> It has made a big difference in my own outlook of my own circumstances in living. Thank you. Jack Gallach

  3. It is wonderful to wake up this morning to find this excerpt in my mailbox – a perfect Meditation for this period of time, this Sacred Now of living and serving with vibrant assurance of continuous attunement within this inexorable creative cycle . Thank you.

  4. Superb! Ever more refined levels of letting go … particularly of ‘thinking’ that I/we know what needs doing moment to moment. In its place, really letting Spirit give Its inner instruction and obeying that instantly without question.

    As we give our lives over to this, all honour, glory and praise is ‘in-deed’ given to the LORD.


  5. Allowing these words to be seen and felt in a new light evokes an inner smile. To take the time to let more of our moments be sacred in living seems to be such a little thing and yet there’s a knowing that it matters a lot.

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