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Martin: Welcome Pressure

Edited & Condensed
from a talk by Martin Exeter
« July 22, 1964 »


If we do have something on earth, held in manifestation, which does not give way under pressure, all we have to do is to let the pressure increase and the distortion patterns will start to give way.

In this cleansing process by which the distortions are cleared, there is no necessity for individual human beings to be cleared with the distortions. Of course, the tendency is for people in general to identify themselves with their distortions and the distortions in others, and consequently when the pressure comes on they give way.

If you are thinking about the pressure, if you are bothered by the pressure, if you are in a turmoil because of it, if you are irritated and resentful, then you are identified with the distortion pattern, not with the Truth; and of course, if there is that which is of the Truth in manifestation on earth, and you come up against that in such a condition, you are going to be pushed out.

Let the pressure build, let the distortion patterns clear, and the Truth remains, the Truth stands; and while, in the process of the clearing, there may be a good deal of dust and smoke around, when it’s all cleared away the Truth will still be there, and you, if you’re identified with it, and everybody else who is.

…Using the word “attunement” to indicate the process by which human beings are restored to their right relationship with God—I wonder how many methods of giving an attunement there are?

…We must take advantage of the little opportunities that occur moment by moment, day by day.

…Let’s stay true to the Truth that we may allow all the things that do not belong to be cleared out.

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