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Zimbabwe Rising

by Louise Broomberg
Johannesburg, South Africa
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Sometimes it seems that patterns are so stuck that nothing can shift them. And then overnight it all changes and the feeling is, “Of course! What took us so long?!” The Berlin wall for example, the end of apartheid…and now Zimbabwe.

I flew to Bulawayo last Tuesday (14 November) to spend a week with family and friends. Who could have predicted that that was the very day the military made its move to ring the changes? I was thrilled to be in the country to experience first hand the unfolding drama – and it sure has been a roller coaster. First there were the rumours, speculation and cautious excitement, and a minor fear of a potential clash between military and police still loyal to Mugabe. The greater fear was that nothing would come of it and the status quo would prevail. On Saturday the excitement spilled over, culminating in the jubilant mass marches all across the country. And then on Sunday came Mugabe’s bewildering address to the nation where it seemed he was not resigning after all. Excitement turned to confusion, disappointment, fury and general gloominess. And Tuesday he did indeed resign and once again we’re elated. All in the space of this one week.

One of the plans for my time in Zimbabwe was to spend a few days with a couple friends in the Matobo Hills, a most magnificent national park about 30km south of Bulawayo. Here’s what it say in the brochure: “It contains some of the most majestic granite scenery in the world. The landscape has been carved out from an almost flat surface of granite by millions of years of weathering, resulting in great ‘whalebacks’ and domes and castle-like formations… The whole area has great cultural and religious significance for the African people, Many of the kopjes (hills) are revered and are the sites for special gatherings and worship…. There are many species of animals and prolific bird life, which includes the largest concentration of Black Eagles and leopards in one area in the world…. The quiet brooding spirit of the park, interrupted occasionally by the cry of a fish eagle, or the bark of a baboon echoing through the hills, will leave an indelible impression on every visitor.” There are lots of pictures on the internet, but nothing quite captures the magnitude and energy of it. We stayed in a charming lodge with no electricity, no internet, no cell phone signal – utter peace. Since it was a time of focused attunement and radiation, that was perfect.

What has particularly impressed itself on me is that as much fun as the roller coaster may be, as conscious beings we don’t belong there. “Whatever arises let me abide in the secret place of the Most High.” (Martin Exeter). “In tranquility is the everlasting attitude towards external events wherein one can truly say, ‘NONE OF THESE THINGS MOVE ME.’” (Uranda – Seven Steps to the Temple of Light). “In joy not overjoyed; in sorrow not dejected” (Baghavad Gita).  Matobo Hills is a beautiful symbol of that. There is a timeless, changeless bedrock of peace and serenity in those great granite hills that will outlive all the shenanigans of human beings over the entire course of history. That is what we tapped into.

I know there were many who were aware of my travels and the outworking in Zimbabwe, and once again there was a field of unified radiation. Perhaps that contributed to the fact that this was one of the most peaceful coups in history – not a single incidence of violence at any level. Quite remarkable. There is clearly still a ways to go to rebuild the country, and we know that ultimately salvation doesn’t come from politicians, but it does feel like a window has been opened in hearts and minds this past week. I intend to stay on the job and continue pouring love and blessings through that window – and I am very thankful that I am not alone in that.

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11 thoughts on “Zimbabwe Rising

  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences in Zimbabwe. Your oneness with the land is palpable. You (I) (We) are not alone. -Heather (Kansas)

  2. Thank you Louise for sharing your adventures in Zimbabwe. I so appreciate your radiant presence in these difficult situations. Attunement could be seen as “secret service” – opening the door for Love’s radiation and influence to be in the picture/pattern. It is helpful to have someone on hand to focus it as you did. Blessings.

  3. Thank you Louise for your presence at a time of great change in Zimbabwe – and the blessing you consciously provide. much love, Cheyne

  4. I feel and know the tranquility of which you speak, Louise. The magnificence of unified radiation is exemplified where you are and where I am. I remain exceedingly thankful to be a part of the significance of the changes taking place on our planet home. I so appreciate your presence there in Zimbabwe.

  5. What an incredible coincidence your visit to Zimbabwe is, Louise, bringing into that revolutionary situation the assurance of Love that all is well. I am so thankful you are on the African continent all these years and especially at this time. I hold you close in holy alliance in and with Love. Thank you for sharing your victorious adventure.

  6. Your words are so inspiring, giving an inside view of the changes in Zimbabwe. Though the changes were a long time coming, it seems the timing was perfect for such a seamless change. Thank you for your years of loving care for the land and the people of Zimbabwe. It is a joy to celebrate this change with you.

  7. I’m so thankful for you, Louise, and the friendship that we share. Am remembering a wonderful time spent with you in Zimbabwe many moons ago as we traveled up to the Gwaii to be together in a place you loved dearly. Glad to know that you persisted all these years in holding a space for what seemed like the impossible to work out. Spirit is indomitable. So is yours!

  8. I agree with Tony and Diana and…… there will need to be a fresh brush throughout the system, otherwise it will just be more of the Same!
    Bless you Louise for your care and your diligence.

  9. Louise – thank you for sharing your experience in your mother land, Zimbabwe. You were there during a roller coaster of emotions and actions – but thanks be to your grounding in the energy field = you were able to hold love steadily at your center. I especially loved your descriptions of the wild places in the Matobo Hills. So sacred and present is the power of nature – it cannot help but heal and bring balance. Thanks for that reminder as well. Love from Maine – Sarah

  10. Having spent time in Zimbabwe with family, the depth of your words let a remembered smell of the bush there return once again. Thank you Louise for your loving words and what you provided there; and the constant, ever ready pouring out of care.

  11. I appreciate all the comments and the profound sense of community. As we know, after such a massive fire cycle, the return of the water cycle is inevitable. That is where Zimbabwe is now. How will the new government fare? So much opinion, speculation, optimism, doubt… I am feeling now more than ever the need to hold the line of equanimity, and let love continue to radiate without concern for results. And not just for Zimbabwe but everywhere in this glorious, unpredictable, wild and wondrous world of ours.

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