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Balance In Attunement

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ►

I recently found myself sharing Attunement with our next door neighbor. He is a fine, quiet, intelligent, 20 year-old young man who recently found himself with HPV (human papillomavirus – transmitted during birth) in his vocal chords which had turned into cancer. As neighbors, my wife and I have watched him and his sisters since birth grow up into delightful young people with hopes and dreams. The challenge for me was how to approach the situation. He was interested and willing to work with me through Attunement.

First, I realized that I needed to “set” myself. This young man has been a tangible part of our lives in an indirect way. Over the years we have spent time with all three of these young people. Among other things, this provided “kid energy” for us as we spent time taking them to the zoo and other activities during summer vacations. So, before our first Attunement a few weeks ago, I was quiet within myself, open to consciously discern the right next step in this situation. The challenge was to use my feeling realm for the depth of connection while at the same time not letting the feeling energy dictate either direction or desire of outcome.

What came to me was something Uranda had mentioned many years ago about balance and finding a temporary solution to the situation which could allow time for the permanent solution to appear. Here is the quote from Uranda (August 10, 1953)….

“Generally speaking, when there is an ill condition, some type of compensation—that is, balancing out on the distorted pattern—takes place before there can be a true movement forward in the processes of correction. We see this in the physical sense by reason of the fact that if one cuts one’s finger the balancing out comes by the clotting of the blood. After the blood has been clotted so that the flow of blood from the finger ceases, the process of healing starts from within to repair the damage that was done by the cut. But the immediate circumstance must be met somehow to establish a temporary pattern of balance, before corrective processes can be effectively instituted. One of the things that a server [attunement practitioner] needs to remember, needs to learn to watch and understand, is this point. There are many instances where you cannot immediately institute corrective or healing processes, because as yet the individual has not, particularly in the realm of the mind or of the emotions, allowed a temporary factor to balance out, a temporary compensation, a temporary solution to the problem. But where anything is wrong we always have to recognize the importance of a temporary solution, which will permit us to have an opportunity to work out a permanent solution. And the human consciousness is such that it tends, if a temporary solution works for the moment, to accept that as the permanent thing and to reject the real process by which the correction might be made. So we must be alert to the differences between the temporary patterns of meeting an emergency and the permanent solution in the sense of true correction or healing. If we do not distinguish clearly between the two, we certainly cannot expect the other person [client] to do so; and if we accept a temporary solution as a permanent thing, supposing it to be a permanent thing or supposing that it is the natural seed of the permanent solution, we will fail. That is one of the failures that tends to manifest on a widespread basis: the assumption that the temporary solution is really the seed of the permanent solution. It is not. It makes possible action with respect to the development of the permanent solution but it does not constitute the seed for it; so we cannot expect the permanent solution to evolve out of the temporary solution. It does not evolve out of it; it only manifests by reason of the fact of a temporary solution.”

When first connecting with someone’s life-pattern I often discern whether the life-pattern is spiraling up or down. If the pattern is going down, the first and temporary step is to arrest the downward movement. A side note here – in the past an individual’s life-pattern could stay somewhat neutral, neither up or down, but that has shifted dramatically in recent years. There is no middle, no in-between any more. So the temporary solution that dawned in my consciousness was to have this young man come over to our home (which carries the Attunement energy) and share two 30-minute Attunements a week – if he was willing; and he was. After the first Attunement he looked at me with a smile and said, “Boy, that was weird. I could feel stuff moving throughout my body. Just like you were touching me – but you weren’t!” As he walked out of our front door he softly spoke a few words of thanks and said he would be back.

So here we are a few weeks later and he has begun Chemo and Radiation (following surgeries) as part of his medical treatment. He also has a temporary tracheotomy and a temporary port in his arm. His life-pattern has shifted and begun to move upward towards healing and health. A recent biopsy of the lymph system came back with a report of “no cancer”. The permanent solution has not shown itself yet, although a few possibilities have started to percolate in my heart and mind. In the meantime, I will continue with the weekly Attunements to help balance his life-pattern – he is also on the Kansas City Radiation Team’s list for surround – and we will see what transpires in the days ahead.

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11 thoughts on “Balance In Attunement

  1. Thanks, Chris, for sharing this experience and for sharing Uranda’s wisdom. It is a very important aspect of the Attunement Process. Sustained response on the part of the recipient is another important factor. “Let it be done in you according to your response” are words that speak to this aspect. Apparently, you had this young man’s response throughout the process. I love what you bring in this magical field of Attunement. ~Tony

  2. I find this entire consideration really helpful with regard to my present attunement reality. I think I’m in the first phase of absorbing the information conveyed–the first balancing out, perhaps temporary, perhaps not, of how it impacts my awareness and my practice. Thanks for posting this, Chris.

  3. I was deeply moved by this tender story, Chris, and how useful to hear those wise words from Uranda. I was reminded again of the deep listening that is required in order to serve at the highest level possible. Thank you!

  4. Chris,
    Thank you for touching on this subject in such a heartfelt and personal way. As a mother ( and grandmother) who chooses to meet Life in the Spirit of Attunement, I often find myself in situations where my desire for balance in the lives of those I care most about must take a back seat to
    trust in the In healing process. This young man is so blessed to have you in his life!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this Chris. I recall reading this from Uranda years ago. Quite relevant in the now as well. Utilizing the “temporary” is such a valid piece of the spiraling creative cycle and process. It is more and more evident in these days on earth. Bless this young man…

  6. This is heartfelt, Chris. I love what Uranda conveyed, and most impressive is your living expression of it with such fineness and sensitivity. I agree with Claire. I’m thankful you are here.

  7. This really works, Chris. Thank you for sharing the perfection of your Attunement work. Blessings, Leon

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