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Podcast Jan 2017 – with Donna Jorgensen

Welcome to The Unified Field – An Attunement Podcast.

This month’s podcast is a conversation with Donna Jorgensen. Donna was born and raised in the Boston area and shared her first Attunement at age 15. She lived in an intentional Spiritual community for many years and during that time was personal secretary to Roger deWinton, lending her skills to his Attunement ministry for a number of years. Donna has been married to Chris Jorgensen for over 40 years and together they have taught Attunement Classes, Intensives and Workshops in many locations around the country.

IAAP’s Attunement podcasts feature conversations with Attunement Elders and Practitioners from around the world, bringing you their unique experience and perspectives.  We hope you enjoy these conversations, and that they deepen your experience of Attunement in your life, and in the larger world.