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Wind In The Trees

◄ by Andrew Shier – Hancock, NH ►

The forest that surrounds our home is largely comprised of hard wood trees and some majestic white pines that rise above the canopy. The leaves are absent in this winter season. On my walk this morning the sound of the wind as it passed through these beings was an Attunement. The wind as it moves cleanses the atmosphere and the view becomes crystal clear. It registered in my heart as a great peace and that something indomitable is at work.

Wind or air is a symbol of spirit. Amongst the many aspects of spirit, purification and cleansing are predominant. A cleansing wind is blowing across and throughout our planet in these days. Upheavals are showing up in all sectors of human life with accompanying disarray and uncertainty. And yet at the core or eye of this wind there is a peaceful calm, uncompromising in its unfoldment. Human aggression does not dwell here, only peace. I experienced that Place this morning.

We here in North America have recently experienced – from the Native American Indians, war veterans, and many others at Standing Rock, North Dakota – an expression of this cleansing wind. In the eye of this force, the ancient spirits of forgiveness, peace, and trust in the ways of the Great One have been sustained. What occurred has cleansed a long held pattern in the human heart of aggression, mistrust, selfishness, and ignorance.

I wish to say in these moments that I know how these ancient spirits work in my life as I yield to the small “Standing Rock” opportunities that appear. It is good to take pause and give my voice of agreement to this wind of Spirit that blows across the earth. It is a gift to be alive.

6 thoughts on “Wind In The Trees

  1. Hi Andrew, I feel the same as you. A great cleansing right now. We are socialized to call it many other destructive names. Together we stand in remembrance that we are about something of the noticing heart. If there is one thing I have learned from your it is to pay attention and have led steady. I too sense Attunement in the wind.

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