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Healing For the Brain and Nervous System

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ►

Having an Attunement Practice gives me an opportunity to notice trends, patterns, and currents in healing. No doubt some of you notice trends and patterns in your own practices. Over the last six months I have seen a number of clients with serious brain and nervous system injuries and disorders, and mostly in men. The symptoms range from swelling of the brain to unusual nerve and motor behaviors, one male client, a dermatologist, was told he had ALS and only months to live – it turned out to be Lyme’s Disease and he is still alive. Usually, after extensive testing, a diagnoses is given to the symptoms, such as Primary Angiitis of the Central Nervous System, Lyme’s Disease, Cryptococcal Meningitis (there is a one in a billion chance of having this), Black Mold, Bell’s Palsy and even Bartonella. Thankfully, in some instances, there are medications that do help. One aspect that makes understanding what is transpiring difficult is that little is understood as to how the person was exposed or infected. Depending on the region in our country, the exception to this is sometimes Lyme’s Disease and other tick-born illnesses.

Sharing Attunement with these clients has been challenging and enlightening. Often I have noticed in these situations a shift taking place with the energy vibration/radiation that is behind the functioning of the brain and nervous system in the individual. So, I am using a lot of CranioSacral Therapy and Attunement in working with these patterns, both in person and long-distance. I generally start with an Endocrine Attunement and then go wherever the radiation takes me, closing with the Over-the-Head Attunement. I have used the Open-the-Heaven Attunement (page 20 in the Attunement Protocols book) with individuals with concussions. In a couple of cases, where the nervous system was particularly calling out, I have used the Autonomic Nervous System Attunement (Attunement Protocols, page 5), with excellent results.

Here is the Autonomic Nervous System Attunement:

GH = giving hand RH = receiving hand

  • Balance the cervical life pattern.
  • Share Attunement with the top four endocrine glands balancing the pineal, pituitary, thyroid and thymus.
  • Balance the Attunement radiation between the pineal (RH) and the pituitary (GH) which brings the radiation into the third ventricle of the brain where the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus reside (the meeting place for the endocrine, chakra and nervous systems).
  • Balance the radiation between the pituitary (RH) and the medulla oblongata (GH) found at the bottom of the occiput (external occipital crest).
  • Balance the radiation between the pituitary (RH) and the solar plexus (GH) located at the xiphoid process (lower end of the breastbone).
  • Balance the radiation between the pituitary (RH) and the sacral plexus (GH) located just below the belly button.
  • Balance the radiation between the medulla oblongata (RH) and the sacral plexus (GH).
    Bring the GH to the RH in the medulla oblongata and hold until there is a steady connection in the current between both hands.
  • Balance the radiation between the medulla oblongata (GH) and the sacrum (RH – bottom of spine). Once balanced, slowly move your giving hand down to the receiving hand and then slowly return it to the top of the spine – clearing any blockages you find. You may wish to do this a couple of times until there is a clear, solid balance in the flow of the Attunement radiation.
  • Balance the radiation between the sacrum (RH) and a point just above the crown (GH).
  • Re-balance the cervical life pattern.

If any other Attunement Practitioners have worked with these or similar health patterns, I am interested in your thoughts, approach and experiences, and welcome your comments.

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2 thoughts on “Healing For the Brain and Nervous System

  1. Chris, I appreciate this article as much of my practice is neurologically based: both concussion work and other brain injury as well as learning difference work. I have found in addition to the above mentioned Attunement and cranial that I am often lead to hold the frontal and occipital areas allowing energy to flow between the two areas. In addition often cervical neck and occipital work in combination.

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