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Xavier (David) Coleman

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ►

Xavier (David) Coleman of Coos Bay, Oregon transitioned early this morning. Xavier was a good friend (I married him and Athena many years ago), an Attunement Practitioner who played an active part in many of the Attunement activities on the West Coast, the Rockies and the Midwest, and a stalwart adventurer who loved and explored the boundaries of the Attunement spirit in his world. With his warm, easy-going, and communicative nature his bright Presence touched the hearts of many people throughout his life.
Xavier will be dearly missed and the Attunement Community surrounds his wife, Athena, and his family in Love.

2 thoughts on “Xavier (David) Coleman

  1. Thank you Chris, for your thoughtful remarks about our friend/steward/server Xavier Coleman. He was indeed, a man for all seasons. For me, Xavier epitomized what a generous spirit sounds, looks and acts like in daily life. Chris, though our paths do not cross these days, I have the best of memories from the time you and Donna lived at Stillmeadow.
    Pierce Kepple

  2. Thank you Chris for the notice of Xavier’s transition. Xavier shared my home several times through the years. He usually traveled from New Mexico, attended an Attunement gathering while here, and then traveled on to Little Rock, Arkansas where he received medical treatment. I recall always looking forward to his visits.
    Today was the Attunement teleconference. During the call I was reminded of my experience that during the transition of a close friend or relative it has always seemed that the veil between heaven and earth was thinned. I experienced this today. The atmosphere was beautifully set by Tom and Joseph as the group discussed the physical and divine nature of the heart. What a wonderful way to honor Xavier as well as his family.

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