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The Priceless Moment of Attunement

◄ by Joseph Antell – Loveland, CO ►

For anyone who has an awareness of Attunement, even if the experience of unconditional love is shared using a different understanding of the meaning, there is a richness known like no other.

At a young age I decided to live my life in this place of happiness. I was around 13 years old when my father and I went to an Attunement practitioner for the first time. As I rested in the energy field of the wonderful person who shared his life force with me, I knew that this was a very familiar place and that I never wanted to stray from it.

There is an intuitive understanding I call the ten-second rule: You can instantly know if something is right or not. My Dad always said, “If it’s a ‘maybe’, it’s a ‘no’. Don’t waste time trying to make a ‘no’ a ‘yes’.” I can’t honestly say that I have always followed that rule, but it is a consistent pearl of wisdom.

Shortly after regular Attunements were a part of my life, my parents invited some friends over to spend time with a holy man from India. This was in 1965 and the window of Eastern spiritual philosophy was beginning to open up in the U.S. The man’s name was Swami Premananda and he was traveling throughout the United States sharing his life as a Sage with those who were interested. I didn’t plan on attending this event and was on my way to bed. As I went into our living room to kiss my parents good night, I was overwhelmed by the peace and the healing presence of this small, quiet man dressed in a simple white robe. I sat and listened for at least an hour and although it was difficult to understand the words through his broken English and East Indian accent, the feeling of joy and contentment has never left me.

As all of you are doing in your own lives, I continued learning and teaching the priceless way of Attunement. I have found that along this path there are moments one drinks from this pool of clear substance, “and that has made all the difference.”

I am writing this because of an experience I had last night. My oldest daughter and her husband attended an afternoon wedding. My younger daughter (Auntie Lala) and I looked after my 8 and 3 year-old granddaughters. With much effort in getting there, we took them to see “Finding Nemo in 3D”—a movie we had all seen before, but the 3-D had an extraordinary impact on the visual senses. We were all enjoying our time. Toward the end the 8-year-old was “done” and wanted to go home to ride bikes in the pitch dark. I leaned over and said, “It’s almost over honey; why don’t you sit close to Poppy (me) and enjoy the end of the movie.” So she did, putting her hand in mine as she became very still.

What surfaced in those moments was a sacred memory of an earlier time. When she was first born she was a preemie of 3 lbs.11 oz. As I sat by her incubator in the hospital the only part of her I could touch was her tiny hand. So I used this connection and shared my first Attunement with her. The range of love I experienced in those simple, few moments was for me beyond human comprehension and interpretation.

Many wonder about our future and speculate as to whether everything is going to be okay. From my perspective I see, beyond a shadow of doubt, that we are moving in a time of unspeakable innocence and bliss, and there is a strong support system of protection and blessing around each of us. I didn’t get this information in a vision or a dream. It came through in the tender moments of holding an innocent child’s hand, or by sitting at the feet of a gentle, wise soul and by lying still as I remember my healing roots. All of this is constantly available as there is an openness to the priceless moment of Attunement.

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