Share Attunement, Bless The World

january, 2023

01janallday31decDaily Shared Attunement TimeShare Attunement - Bless the World

Event Details

These times of shared Attunement radiation take place each day at the specified times.

IAAP Radiation Time: 8am CST

Join other Attunement practitioners around the world EACH MORNING from 8am to 8:30am CST as we share Attunement with whatever is calling to each of us. The shared Attunement radiation provides a wonderful context and a substantial surround as we collectively release a radiant current of blessing into the world.

LDAN Radiation Times: 9am EST and 9pm EST

The LDAN Radiation Team works with individual and world patterns at 9am and/or 9pm EST EACH DAY.


January 1 (Sunday) - December 31 (Tuesday) CST


Attunement Consciousness