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Pituitary Gland: The Sixth Seal…Spirit of the Womb – Truth, Design, Light, Purpose

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO
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“As conveyed in the teachings of Attunement, the sixth range of Being called the Spirit of the Womb abides in the endocrine gland known as the pituitary. This “womb” is the place where the Spirit of Love is held safe and nurtured until it is time to begin its differentiation into all the other facets of creation.
The Spirit of the Womb”– Joseph Antell

As I have been living in, speaking and writing about, as well as sharing Attunement from the crossover point – Thymus radiation – other ranges of radiation and vibrations from above are emerging in my consciousness and experience of Attunement. By “above” I mean vibrationally higher and a more refined radiation, frequency and pneumaplasm, than that of the Thymus – spirit of Purification – radiation.

I am finding that being a part of IPAT (International Planetary Attunement Team) is fulfilling. If you have the time, view the recent IAAP zoom call where several members of IPAT spoke about the Team’s work and Attunement. The radiation of Life is what is real. The Planet’s life-pattern, and the many other life-patterns on the surface of the planet, reveals the radiation of Life on Earth. Life is the unstoppable force. Give Life a chance to reveal its presence/radiation and it will; for example, a flower coming up through an asphalt parking lot or a shrub growing on the ledge of a rocky cliff. Life is amazing!

The sixth seal, the Pituitary radiation of the Womb as I have described it in my Attunement classes, is opening and coming forth in a way not experienced in a long time. The Pituitary-Womb radiation carries the vibration of light, coordination, purpose and design. The purpose of this radiation is revealing of the process by which the whole of the material world is brought back into the divine design – not humankind’s design! It is the divine design, created to allow all Life and all life-patterns to exist in harmony and peace. This is true Attunement! There is no such harmony or peace in humankind’s design.

In sharing Attunement with the Pituitary-Womb radiation one will find that it contains the purpose and blueprint for the life-pattern, and how that pattern fits into the Field of the larger whole. It is as if one can begin to see and feel the light and reason for the life-pattern. In this day, the Pituitary-Womb radiation is in motion and it is intensifying one’s personal experience.

“An important principle in the process of any healing is to be able to see, encourage and contemplate in consciousness the perfect pattern. It is through the spirit of agreement that the pituitary/womb vitality is opened. Subsequently, one may work through the sixth seal to actualize the true design and control for the individual or collective cycle at hand. The Spirit of the Womb” – Joseph Antell

Each one of us is an individual living expression of Being – a Creator-Being. This is where the first level of awareness of consciousness can shift. This shift does not start in the larger collective; it starts in the individual. My Attunement is with Being, so I can truly say I am a Creator-Being having a human experience. In that state of awareness the Attunement radiation through the human form, the life-pattern, is capable of generating refined pneumaplasm and that spiritual substance will provide the avenue by which there is a drawing together of a collective body. It could be said that each life-pattern is like a strand or one string of light (think fiber optics). As there are others willing to live in Attunement, the strands of light come together to form a fiber of light. As various fibers of light come together vibrationally, a tunnel of light connects the planet to the Universe. The sixth seal, Pituitary and Womb radiation and its process is actively recreating a living collective form on the planet by which the divine can be revealed. This is today’s Attunement.

What I am writing about in this blog may be new to some who read it. So I invite you to initiate the experience of the Pituitary-Womb radiation as you share Attunement with yourSelf. Balance your own life-pattern and share the Attunement current with the upper four endocrine glands. Then hold the pineal radiation in one hand and the pituitary radiation in the other hand, and let the current intensify in the life-pattern before re-balancing.

If you have a friend or spouse or significant other invite them to share Attunement. Balance their life-pattern. Balance the current in the pineal and the pituitary, then put your receiving hand at the pineal and the giving hand at the pituitary, letting the current fill out. Then, put both hands over the head, thumbs together and fingers forward. Stay focused, hold the Attunement current steady, and let the radiation intensify. Re-balance the life-pattern and sweep the head in thanksgiving to close. The intensified radiation and the new range of pneumaplasm will influence your perception as well as your experience of Attunement.

“Whatever is to occur is being addressed from the standpoint of a cosmic tapestry that naturally is considerate of all the multitude of factors, including this beautiful planet. Aligning ourselves through the Attunement current with what is already in motion puts us in a place of “holding the sacred space”. As we live in this womb energy and say “blessed is the truth that abides in the name of Love”, we provide a field of connection with eternal presence that is both visible and invisible, allowing the wisdom of what is to come and what is to be done “on earth as it is in heaven”. This is the prayer of Being as the outstretched arms of the Divine Mother holds all in Her embrace. The Spirit of the Womb”– Joseph Antell

There is a cosmic, living divine design to the Universe, to the Solar System, to the Planet, to the myriad forms in and on this Earth, including our own human form. Many indigenous peoples saw the planet as the Great Mother because it is Her living substance from which all forms appear. Let all of us live in Attunement, honoring and giving expression to the Womb, the Pituitary, the Great Mother’s radiation.




2 thoughts on “Pituitary Gland: The Sixth Seal…Spirit of the Womb – Truth, Design, Light, Purpose

  1. Thank you Chris for your thoughts,
    I’ve been watching a recently made nature series entitled ‘Serengeti,’ filmed in Tanzania, and noticed how the narrator called many of the different animals by names, describing their struggle to survive, and how whenever a hyena, or a lion, or a giraffe, to name but three, lost a young one, the look of regret and sadness was captured on their faces. The narrator was seeing humanity and the animal kingdom in a similar vein. Way back thirty or forty years ago, nature programs were generally at the level of consciousness where there were those ‘wild’ animals over there, and us, supposedly superior humans, observing their behaviours, from a viewpoint of separation.
    Consciousness is changing, and of course it is up to us to continue holding a space of Love and respect for these different kingdoms that we have been given to oversee and let the true Design for all that is in our environment to increasingly reveal the parts they are to play. I recall those words: ‘the lion shall lie down with the lamb.’ There’s a way to go!

  2. The words spoken here are the living Reality of all of our human Beingness as I experienced with a first Attunement many years ago.
    It will take a collective pure to the Core and hearts that have hit the wall of human endeavoring.
    I need to play my part as humanity is nearing this precipice these days.
    Incarnating in a human womb void of most care I have been given a wondrous opportunity in this lifetime to know what the heart of Mother God truly gives to this World through being made new in the midst of many forms that have had to pass away.
    This is still occurring as I age and more chickens come home to roost.
    Such a lucky little chickadee am I.
    I meet you in agreement,
    In love,

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