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Attunement and the Silver Cord

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO
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For the first time in almost three years the Kansas City Attunement Community physically came together recently and shared Attunement with each other. Over the intervening years we shared our Attunement time via zoom. And while zoom sessions are a way to be together, it did challenge everyone to expand their perception in order to participate in the collective Attunement current. So, the KC Attunement Day was particularly impactful as we were physically together in the radiant current.

One of the topics we considered was sharing Attunement with the silver cord. I first heard of the silver cord when reading the Bible in my younger days. Here is the quote that caught my interest.

Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broke at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern.
Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it. King James version, Ecclesiastes 12:6-7

Through Attunement I have come to know that the silver cord is a concentration of pneumaplasm that connects each individual to the living Universe, to the Creator, to Being, to Love. This pneumaplasmic cord has seven focus points on it extending from the pineal gland to the gonads. The connecting pneumaplasmic cord allows the blessing of Life to emerge into and through the human form. As mentioned in the quote when the sliver cord is loosed, or disconnected, then the current of Life leaves the form. In the death transition process the final disconnect occurs at the pineal gland, the third crossover point. Expanding our awareness one can see that the silver cord connects each and every aspect of the Universe’s living body. All Galaxies, Solar Systems, Planets (large and small), any and all living forms, are connected via the pneumaplasmic silver cord.

Another area of consideration and discussion in the day together was expanding our understanding of the three crossover points in the individual silver cord. The first crossover point is the gonadal glands. The second crossover point is the thymus gland. And the final crossover point is the pineal gland. In each of these crossover points there is a feminine and masculine component – feminine providing the energy of connection, the masculine the energy of action. In our discussion the group went into some depth relative to what it means to live at the thymus (heart) crossover point – the current world vibration!

Following our conversation about the silver cord and the crossover points, we shared Attunement. This opened up a consideration of the focus points in the silver cord above the pineal gland. Approximately 5-6 inches above the pineal there is another natural focal point that I perceive as one’s connection to the planet’s vibration. And, another point further up 10-12 inches above the pineal that relates to the Solar System’s vibration. There is one more focus point about 18-20 inches above the pineal that connects with the Galactic vibration. These focal points in the silver cord above the pineal are more subtle to perceive than any of the endocrine glands and yet they are present, connecting an individual to the radiant current of Being, of God moving through the known Universe.

Here is how the KC group approached the silver cord Attunement.

  1. Balance the life-pattern.
  2. Balance the Attunement radiation in the pineal.
  3. Put the RH (receiving hand) at the pineal and the GH (giving hand) at the thymus. Balance the Attunement current.
  4.  Keep the RH at the pineal and move the GH to the gonads and balance the current.
  5. From behind the person with whom you are sharing Attunement, put your GH and RH together over and slightly above the pineal (1-2 inches), when the current balances and leave the GH over the pineal, slowly bring the RH up (6 inches or so above the pineal) until you perceive the Planetary focus in the silver cord. Balance the current between this point and the pineal.
  6. Keeping the GH over the pineal, slowly move the RH upwards until you perceive the focal point (10-12 inches above the pineal) for the Solar System vibration and again balance the current.
  7. If you wish one can continue slowly moving the RH upward again until you sense the focal point for the Galactic (Milky Way) vibration (very subtle), once again balance the Attunement current.
  8. When all is balanced simply lift the hands to the heavens and release in a spirit of thanksgiving!

Living at the crossover point brings new levels of awareness, new ranges of pneumaplasm, the return of noble stewardship and Attunement trustworthiness. One such living commitment is to actively bring the vibrational blessings of the whole, holy Universe of Love into our sacred home. Attunement is the perfect means to do this, to bring the nutrition of Love into the Earth! I encourage anyone to give this Attunement a try, especially with another Attunement Practitioner. Let us in the IAAP Community participate in this dynamic and divine Attunement process and reveal the blessings of Love!




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  1. Nice article over the vital importance of connecting the silver cord in our bodies and in our lives.

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