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Creative Field Attunement

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO
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“The bringing forth of results from the standpoint of the real Creative work of God on earth depends on the establishment of these Creative Fields which extend on out from the individual into the earth.”  Uranda, from Directions For A New Day #4, 9/20/46

The divine act of participating in a creative field, on Earth through human form, reveals the magic of creation, the reality of the Creator’s creative power. The reality of sharing an Attunement means you are sharing in a specific creative field (your own and with others), and thus in the creative power of the Creator.

The one requirement to participate in a Creative Field Attunement is to live in a state of Attunement where a consciousness of identity in Being is revealed. Here the pure heart-thymus, the sacred (holy) feeling realm, is available to Being and facilitates the movement of the invisible vibrations into the visible (form) and connects the visible vibrations with the invisible. This point is referred to as the crossover point. See number 4 in this diagram.

Living at the crossover point opens up new levels of awareness, other levels of pneumaplasm, and new ways to share in the Attunement radiation. From the crossover point one can begin to see and perceive patterns of energy and the energetic lines of force around which matter and substance coalesces at all the different levels of creation below (points 3, 2, & 1). At the crossover point you are alone – by yourself, just you and your substance!

Looking (perceiving) outward from the crossover point, one can see one’s own unique creative field. How far out does my radiation extend? What is the breadth of the creative field? In my Attunement classes I teach that the true work of Attunement is extending Love’s Radiation out into the world. There is no need to change, fix or heal anything. Let Love’s Radiation do the work.

Thus, each person has a creative field. How do you define a creative field? Without true identity being in place, the experience of one’s creative field will be largely based in the events, circumstances, and other human experiences coming to you from the world around you. However, living consciously in Attunement – at the crossover point – changes everything as one becomes aware that the true radiant experience of a field comes from within moving outward.

A useful example of a true creative field is the Sun. The Sun’s radiance and light shines out into what we call the solar system. The extent of that radiance goes out as far as what science calls the heliosphere. It does not go on forever. The Sun’s creative field, its influence, is defined; there is an outer edge to it. The same can be said for each one of us. In divine identity, our creative fields have an outer edge – what some energy practitioners call their “hedge.” The space inside one’s creative field should be sacred space, holy space for one’s Self, I Am. Living at the crossover point, one’s creative field is renewed with differentiated aspects of the radiation of Love and the various levels of pneumaplasm from what is above (points 5, 6, & 7).

Here is how I share Attunement with my creative field in two steps. First, take the receiving hand and hold my (your) life-pattern in it. Take the giving hand and extend a current of Attunement into the life-pattern. This will be familiar to you as everyone connected with Attunement has learned to balance their own life-pattern. Then release the balanced life-pattern in blessing. Second, I place my creative field – however far it extends into the world – into the receiving hand. When you do this Attunement, you may notice or perceive that your creative field has more weight and substance to it than just the life-pattern, because it includes more! Hold and focus the radiance of Love in your giving hand.

I have discovered that when sharing Attunement with my creative field, it requires a specific radiation. To do this I bring to conscious awareness the endocrine glands one by one in order to perceive which level of Love’s Radiation is appropriate and required for my (your) creative field in this moment of Attunement. Pineal – Love, Pituitary – Womb, Thyroid – Life, Thymus – Purification, Islets of Langerhans – Blessing, Adrenals – Single Eye, and the Gonads – New Earth. I often perceive one or two endocrine glands and their radiation that stand out to me (you) as the specific current that will bless the creative field.

To use an image, think of a pebble that has been dropped into a pond of water. It will create ripples that go out in all directions. This is how one’s radiation is moving out into one’s creative field and it touches everything in the field. What is different here is that I am (we are) not working with specific patterns – sensing, feeling, perceiving – rather, it is letting the radiation move from one’s center (Being) out to the edge of one’s field. There will still be perception, but this perception will be more along the lines of how the various patterns fit in my or your world.

To complete this Attunement, I take my giving hand and direct the radiation of the specific gland into my (your) creative field. I often finish my Attunement with a word of thanksgiving for the radiation and for my creative field. Then I release the field with a breath or gesture.

Human Beings were created as the crowning point of creation and through a human being there is the potential for all the lines of force to create and/or re-create a living world. Humanity’s energy is reflected by the life forms on the surface of the Earth (and a little above and below). There is more to explore about this type of Attunement. However, I’ll save that for another article. In the meantime, share Attunement with your creative field and truly bless the world.



5 thoughts on “Creative Field Attunement

  1. The act of sharing Attunement with my Creative Field has really deepened and broadened my perceptions while doing Attunement. I appreciate this guidance so much! It allows me to feel that my Creative Field is “letting the radiation move from one’s center (Being) out to the edge of one’s field.” This really has opened my eyes and my heart to how, as you said, “the various patterns fit in my or your world.” I now go into my day thinking about how Spirit is working through me as a channel of Divine Creativity, using me as an Instrument of Higher Will. Let Love Radiate!

  2. Thank you Chris,
    I love when you say: ‘Let Love’s Radiation do the work.’ In fact I recall you did a piece not so long ago with those very words!
    A meditation I often do contain these words: ‘Eternal Holiness abides in me.’ What I constantly find with using this is that there is no room for anything except absolute Love, for the One Who Dwells within, and for all else in my Creative Field.

  3. “The reality (“the divine act”) of sharing an Attunement means you are sharing in a specific creative field (your own and with others), and thus in the creative power of the Creator.”

    Those words of yours, Chris, epitomize my own experience of Attunement. I have often described that marvelous work of Spirit as “Emanation Actuated Resonance”:

    “Emanation” (an action or process issuing from a Source) — “Actuated” (made real) — “Resonance” (the vibratory concordance that permeates a creative field).

    That Emanation is the Invisible (the “Divine”) activating resonant elements of the Visible in a myriad of earthly forms. One example is the ever pristine Resonance Upward that is so natural in one’s Pineal gland.

    My core experience is of ineffable currents of Emanation abundantly nurturing my earthly capacities with ongoing, present-moment Attunement energy, while my rapt attention is focused on tending and keeping my creative field (24/7), and serving others who dwell therein.

    As you stated, Chris, that privileged pleasure is fulfilled, for each one of us, by our “living at the crossover point that opens up new levels of awareness and new ways to share in that Attunement radiation.”

    The Truth is True, and All is indeed Well.

  4. Greatly appreciate you posting this Chris – it clarifies beautifully a way of delicately extending into the Creative Field. Also loved to see Uranda’s words. Thank you

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