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One with the Wind


Christopher Foster has a rich Attunement background and writes his own blog – The Happy Seeker. He recently published the following poem on his blog.

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Author’s note:  I wrote this poem long ago while living in the Cariboo, a beautiful, forested plateau in the interior of British Colombia.

The wind that stirs
in these dark Cariboo forests
last week may have crossed the steppes of Asia
and blown a girl’s scarf about her head
in Moscow Square.
They do not check the wind at the border,
Where are you from?
Where are you going?
What is your nationality,
And reason for visit?
The wind moves as it will,
Impervious to bullets,
Impervious to walls,
A symbol of a dimension larger than man,
A force that we cannot grasp,
Or contain,
Or twist,
Or make conform,
The dimension of Spirit.
As the wind is at home anyplace
So my spirit is at home anyplace
And where my spirit meets your spirit
We are one
And the world doesn’t know anything about it
And the world doesn’t need to know anything
About it, but we know,
And we sense the power of that union
And that these walls which man has made
Will not be around much longer
But the wind will blow forever.

Christopher Foster

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2 thoughts on “One with the Wind

  1. Christopher, your words have really moved my heart. I have always loved the feeling of the wind, sought it out, leaned into it, put myself directly in its path to feel the power, feel moved, cleared and cleansed and connected to the entire world and the elusive and ever-present something larger than me. And I’ve wondered, if I spent my lifetime with the strength of the wind washing over and moving through me, would I polish up and shine and be smooth like the shell or stone after aeons of tumbling by an ocean equally loving and persistent.

    Your poem is a beautiful gift for me today. Thank you!

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