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Handling Anxiety and Virus Concerns

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO
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Working with the current virus pandemic can be challenging to say the least. Over the last six months I have shared Attunement with four people who experienced the virus symptoms. I shared long-distance Attunement with two individuals who were quarantined at home after being diagnosed with the coronavirus, and worked with two clients who recovered from the virus yet were still working with the residual physical consequences. This is not a lot of experience working with the coronavirus so if you have some experience and can add to this blog please do so.

In all four instances I offered a variation of the Blood Attunement which included working with the organs. In my reading and in conversation with these individuals it became apparent to me that the cardio-vascular system was a place where the virus could invade the body to the end that the health and balance in one of the primary organs was affected – the virus often effected the lungs, or heart, or kidneys, or the brain and nervous system. There are articles on the Internet that touch upon the blood being one indication as to how the invasion of the virus occurs. So, I used the Blood Attunement as a place to start my Attunement work with the people I spoke of above.

I am happy to report that all four individuals are doing well. That said, I also noticed a high degree of anxiety in each person, particularly in the two clients who had recovered from the virus but had remaining physical symptoms. The feeling energies of anxiety and fear, as one person told me, had to do with being caught in a circumstance where the person did not know what was going to transpire with their health. The Attunements inspired relaxation in both clients – let not your heart be troubled. If the feeling realm is filled with the energy of anxiety and fear rather than love – perhaps because one is caught up in the affairs (like viruses) of the world – there is no peace, and as a result one’s health is compromised.

King James Version, 1 John 4:18 – There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

The Blood Attunement can take some time to complete so don’t be in a hurry! The protocol’s purpose is to place the Attunement radiation into the individual organs that share the work of filtering and pumping the blood. I have used it in situations such as AIDS, Hepatitis B and C, Leukemia and now the Covid-19 virus.

GH = giving hand    RH = receiving hand

The basic steps are:

  • Balance the life pattern at the cervicals.
  • Attune the pineal, pituitary, thyroid and thymus glands using the standard hand positions for the endocrine system.
  • Attune the heart using the left arm, hand and leg contact points. Find and use the contact point that permits the largest opening for the Attunement radiation.
  • Attune the liver using the left ear and right hand contact points. Find and use the contact point that permits the largest opening for the Attunement radiation.
  • Attune the spleen using the face and left hand contact points. Find and use the contact point that permits the largest opening for the Attunement radiation.
  • Balance the flow of radiation between the thymus (RH) and the heart (GH).
  • Balance the flow of radiation between the thymus (RH) and the liver (GH).
  • Balance the flow of radiation between the thymus (RH) and the spleen (GH).
  • Balance the flow of radiation between the heart (GH) and the liver (RH).
  • Balance the flow of radiation between the heart (GH) and the spleen (RH).
  • Radiate into the carotid arteries – both sides of the neck at the break of the mandible. Hold until you feel a symmetrical outflow of the radiation in your hands. Note: the Attunement current will not necessarily balance at this spot. It is more a matter of putting radiation into the blood circulatory system than balancing the current.
  • Re-balance the life pattern at the cervicals.

This technique should be used in conjunction with supportive nutrition, re-balancing blood electrolytes and other appropriate therapies. Most people with these conditions are under a doctor’s care, which is to be respected. Joseph Antell recently published his new book, Adjuvant Protocols for Healing, which is a practitioner’s manual for working with Standard Process and MediHerb supplements and nutrition. There are 349 pages of protocols including two for handling viruses – Click Here

Joseph’s radiant health tips are: Drink plenty of clean water. Eliminate sugar in your diet. Get adequate sleep. Be physically active. Manage your stress. Eat healthy, nutritious food and include coconut oil and raw garlic to the diet as additional anti-viral support. And, support your immune system with whole food supplements and herbs.

Lastly, share Attunement as often as possible and remember: wear a mask, wash your hands, and social distancing are helpful ways to stay healthy in these trying, fearful and anxiety-filled days!



6 thoughts on “Handling Anxiety and Virus Concerns

  1. Thank you Chris and all,
    It would not surprise me that this virus could be around for quite a while, and the advice you give will be very helpful in dealing with this condition as the days go by.
    As you and Luanne have referred to, it is around the heart area that you have focused on and you quote the Master’s words: ‘Let not your heart be troubled.’ From here is where the oxygenated blood brings new life and sweeps away the old. But at the vibrational level here is where purification takes place. There is a lot of talk about ‘fighting’ the virus these days, but Martin Cecil, a one-time mentor of ours, in a talk entitled ‘The Burning of Corruption,’ said this:
    ‘Viruses are interesting. It seems to be supposed that they cause various kinds of disease, illness. They do not. They may be present when various kinds of disease are present, but they are not the cause of them. They do give evidence of the fact that there is a cause, an invisible cause, one might say. The viruses themselves are almost invisible.’ He later remarks that the cause relates to ‘toxic vibrational factors.’
    A note of caution is being sounded by many spiritual healing practitioners here in England in dealing with this virus, but I can share what I’ve read in this article with them where the opportunities present themselves. At the physical level there is care to be taken to do the right things, but also there is the responsibility at the vibrational level to inspire a sense of calm and peace.

  2. Thank you for this, Chris. As it stands right now, in my homeopathic practice I have had minimal direct interaction with Covid cases. Other than a couple of homeopaths and one of their sons, ( and myself!) and some cases of covid toes in young people, few of my patients have been diagnosed or been sick in any way that resembles the virus, and those that were, were back in late March, April and early May. Anticipating that the floodgates would open and we’d be inundated with cases,early on I did a presentation on Zoom for my homeopathic clients and their families with instructions on what to do/take if they started showing symptoms , and what to use prophylactically, including Attunement. Many of my patients and colleagues are either practitioners of Attunement or regular recipients of it. So far, so good, considering the number of individuals involved. It seems that taking an acute remedy at the first sign of illness thwarts its progression, as Luanne mentions in her comment.

    That said, in Maine we’ve had some of the lowest rates of infection in the nation due to a very proactive governor and head of the state CDC. The tide has turned in the last week and numbers are up, sothere may be more opportunity to intervene. I credit homeopathy and Attunement with keeping the vibration high, and I also think the virus is a force for transformation that has arisen to help move humanity to the next and needed level of compassion and interconnectedness.

    I have heard from individuals who channel this sort of thing that this next wave of infection will bring with it more neurological involvement; I’m not sure if that comes as a result of efforts to vaccinate or if it’s just the innate evolutionary path of the virus. There are concerns around immunization any time the route of contagion varies from the normal pattern of infection, ie injection into the bloodstream as opposed to the natural airborne pathways. It is an RNA virus, so it will mutate over time. Whether this calls for a new spate of remedies as compared to the original list, time will tell, or whether it’s the sequelae and not the acute symptoms that involve the neurological pathways. Attunement is always available for us in all stages and symptom pictures, thankfully.

  3. What an enlightening, fascinating and inspiring comment. This made me want to learn more about the breastbone attunement, which is something new to me. I work in distance attunement regularly, offering balance for the various issues at hand these days, ie Covid, politics, wildfires, etc. and for specific individuals when a need arises. I appreciate being on this mailing list and participating with all of you in global radiation. Thank you, Chris, Donna and all.

  4. Thank you for this very important information. I have also worked with one Covid patient in person and several through long-distant attunement. The first thing I noticed is that there can be a sense of abandonment in people because there was nothing the doctor’s could do. The one person was sent home and had to live in her car for a few days to avoid infecting her elderly mother. I took her food three times that first day and made sure her mother was fed. Uranda always said “Feed the people (first) and then get the Word out.” Feeding people in times of crisis provides the groundwork for anything else we may do. When a person feels supported, the whole life system heals more quickly. Secondly, I treated her with homeopathic remedies, primarily Arsenicum Album 30c for the first four days. It turns out she had asthma during her lifetime. She never needed oxygen, but needed antibiotics for an infection. She recovered in 7 days or so and is doing well. The attunement technique I used predominately through this time for in-person and long-distant care was the Breastbone Attunement. Early on what we knew was that the breathing was affected. Only later did we hear about the disruption of the blood and the organs. In two particular cases of persons being evacuated by aircraft to a hospital with the expectation of imminent death I used the endocrine and then the breast bone attunement and within two hours we heard that one had made the turn to recovery and by afternoon the second made a rebound. I felt the easing of the situation between my hands before the calls came through. The breastbone attunement eases the lungs and the heart and clears and enlivens the protective field around these organs. Blood is manufactured in the bones, the tension in the chest eases. One last thing. The shock and anxiety of the times that you mentioned brought a number of people to me. The human mind wants “something” and so after checking their oxygen level, pulse and BP to assure them that they were not having heart attacks and indeed did not appear to have symptoms of Covid, I gave them a dose of homeopathic Aconitum 30c to calm them. Where attunement was possible, the endocrine attunement was all it took to bring the person into harmony with the life current. Covid-19 is not any normal illness and should be taken very seriously. We are in the midst of something we cannot understand as yet. Attunement with life, including daily and weekly attunements with oneself and shared among individuals and within groups, in-person or at a distance, is ever more vital. Thank you, Chris, for holding the attunement current through this particular cycle.

  5. Thanks for this Chris. Very useful attunement instructions. In July, I had Covid for 2 weeks. It was a fascinating experience, mild compared to most, but weird and intense and requiring considerable self-care and attention at many levels of function and action. I made notes. I am profoundly grateful to have moved through the experience, and I have great compassion for those who are going through it with greater severity and intensity than my experience was. Most people don’t know what it is that is happening as they are compelled into this strange new world. Fear consumes most. Attunement is central and vital, and the currents of love and truth and life that flow through attunement cast out fear and leave one open to what is actually happening from the higher vibrational standpoint, and this brings the required wisdom and practical insight to handle it all in the moment. However, one cannot generalize to everyone; each has unique set of symptoms and events to handle. The whole world of humanity is going through this, and all the other levels of creation on earth as well. We are connected. We are one. The heart of humanity is being transformed during this great purification cycle. How thankful I am for you, and for all those who work with you, holding the sacred space which lets the Radiation do the work. It is marvellous! db

  6. Thank you Chris for this timely article. I haven’t worked directly with anyone who has the virus. This would also be helpful as a preventive action to keep the body healthy. Also, the aspect of releasing fear and embody love. Joyce

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