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Radiant Thinking and Feeling

from a talk by Martin Cecil (Exeter)
« November 24, 1974 »


It is not at all difficult to see the disintegration of the civilized world which is occurring in these days. Most people are aware of it, even though there is the usual human tendency to avoid facing the fact as far as possible. This is partly because nobody can see what to do about it; therefore they look for something to distract the attention…

We have recognized something of the reality which is symbolized by fire – Love. Love transmutes, just as fire does in symbol. Fire leaves an ash residue and produces a gas: carbon dioxide and water vapor, in a general sense – from physical substance into spirit. The transmutation process looks like disintegration, but something is being born. We are aware, in theory at least, that disintegration is necessary to integration, in the process by which things are transformed. It should be clearly evident to people everywhere that there is a need for things to be transformed. The disintegrative aspect of what is occurring is plain to see and becomes more obvious as time goes on, but in the general sense the integrative aspect is unknown…

Luke 21:25-26 (KJV) And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

“Men’s hearts failing them for fear.” We certainly see fear as being very strongly present in the hearts of human beings everywhere. Fear causes people to do peculiar things, generally stupid things. Afterwards they may say, “I didn’t think,” which was true enough, but then, human beings seldom think. They don’t really know how, in spite of extensive so-called education, because thinking is not something which properly originates in the mind. If there is to be true thinking and true feeling they must be born out of the heaven into the earth, not out of the earth to be reflected back into the earth…

We have become aware that there is another true process, which springs from nowhere into the now here. Something is born into the dimensional state and this engenders, amongst other things, true thinking and true feeling. Human thought and feeling is reflective thought and feeling; it is consequent upon the reflection of what is present in the world…The true creative process is on moving; it’s not a rehash of something that’s already happened. It springs forth and is born out of the heaven into the earth.

Radiant thinking is not governed by the environment. This includes radiant feeling also. Most of human feelings are produced by external events. This is why there is so much concern about manipulating those events so as to make them of such a nature that they will engender pleasant feelings. But true feeling is not reflective feeling; it is radiant feeling; it is consequent upon what is coming down from God [Being] out of heaven…Radiant feeling and radiant thinking establish a very stable condition.

The evidence of fire is radiation – in a practical sense radiant thought and feeling springing forth of their own nature in the moment, an entirely new experience. The former things pass away. Thought and feeling as they were – the first heaven and the first earth – pass away and we feel no more necessity to indulge ourselves in reactive or reflective thinking and feeling…We need to learn what it is to participate in radiant thinking. Obviously this would open up new channels in us.

Heaven comes down from God and is reflected by the earth when it does so. Heaven does not come up out of the earth…”Let the waters bring forth.” Now that bringing forth is consequent upon the true tone, the fire of the true tone, the passion that is felt by reason of the expressed radiation of that true tone in one’s own living. Radiant feeling, radiant thinking, ensues, and the creative process is moving in the individual consciousness. What moves in the heaven of the individual consciousness is reflected in the earth of the individual environment. That is the true process of transformation, of transmutation. Let us acknowledge the reality of this process and let it occur in our own experience…

One thought on “Radiant Thinking and Feeling

  1. Thank you for this little meditation on a large subject. Right now, these are times of intensifying fire, and so it follows that there is greater opportunity than ever to let radiant vision, radiant thinking, radiant feeling, radiant speaking, radiant writing, and letting all action be evidence of the radiation of Love doing the work through me, and through each and all who see the radiant possibilities. I am interested in opening up these new channels Martin mentions —new for this Day. db

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