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Global Attunement: A message from the IAAP Board

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO
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As you are now aware many impactful changes for our multiple societies are unfolding today because of the coronavirus concerns. There is an underlying energy and palpable sense of anxiety and fear spreading around the globe. The stock markets, the travel businesses, the entertainment businesses, college and professional sports and many more areas are being effected by the steps and decisions being taken by various national and international corporations plus numerous national governments to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. If you do some basic online research you will find that there are successful alternative approaches to go along with the Allopathic suggestions – such as washing the hands! – so one may effectively handle the virus implications for oneself and our families. We encourage you to be wise as you consider and act on what is right for you and your particular situation.

All that being said, the IAAP Board is inviting everyone in the International Attunement Community to share in a specific daily Global Attunement over the next six weeks until the end of April. You are welcome to join the Kansas City Radiation Team during their 8 to 8:30 a.m. (central daylight time) morning radiation time. Our suggestion is to first work with your own creative field, which may include the specific country in which you live, and then move to work with the pattern of the larger world. As a beginning approach you can hold the world pattern between your hands with one hand at the south pole and the other hand at the north pole or both hands around the equator. Let our awareness and identity be: “I am Being having a planetary experience!”

We know that Love will out fear and anxiety. The Earth is our home among the stars so join us in holding it in Attunement. And remember, let Love radiate without concern for results.

Attunement Blessings,
IAAP Board

If you have questions please contact one of us – Chris Jorgensen (President), Erin Rivers (Secretary), and/or Tom Hansen (Treasurer).


7 thoughts on “Global Attunement: A message from the IAAP Board

  1. Hello, Erica here from Portland Maine reaching out to express gratitude for this opportunity and experience. Earlier this year, twice when sitting in meditation, I had the question, “what do I need to know right now”. Both times I heard an answer very clearly, “Kansas City”. I had no idea what that meant until I received the email from the IAAP Board with the invitation to join the Kansas City Radiation Team every morning for a Global Attunement.

    Historically, every time I have held our planet in Attunement and prior to learning Attunement, held it with the intent of sending Reiki, I have felt how powerful and meaningful it is to hold the quiet space for witnessing the occurrence of love and healing on our Earth.

    Holding the planet in Attunement with a group of others doing the same has intensified the flow of the energy I feel between my hands and flowing through my entire body. Without knowing or understanding or even needing to know the details of why, I can sense something very meaningful, important and powerful is occurring when we come together to share Attunement as a group.

    Yesterday and today I felt an intuitive pull to start the distant Attunement imagining my hands at my cervicals and then after some time, imagining moving my hands high above my crown and below my feet. After more time, I then felt the pull to move my hands at points above the planet where an imaginary straight line would go from my giving hand above the earth, through my crown, through my feet, through the core of the Earth and to the receiving hand, at the opposite point above the earth on the opposite side of the planet.

    The result was powerful. I sensed the oneness of me, right where I am, here in Portland, Maine with everyone and everything else all over the planet. It felt like my body and all energies on the planet were all being held simultaneously. I could sense my lungs in my body and the trees on the Earth calling out for and expressing gratitude for the extra love, attention and care. Likewise, I could sense the lymph in my body and the waters on our planet also calling out for and expressing gratitude for the extra love, attention and care.

    I am so grateful for the Attunement Community, the IAAP Board and the Kansas City Radiation Team for this opportunity and experience. I feel so lucky to be in this community. I can imagine a future where a collectively held planetary Attunement is a part of every morning routine, in some form or another. Thank you.

    Much love,

  2. I am grateful to be able to join you every morning in Attunement for our precious earth and humanity. I’m deeply thankful for the years of spiritual connection with all of you friends. Our hearts are bound together in love, light and clarity in this unprecedented time. Much love to each of you and to our fellow neighbors as we rise above the fear and panic, offering calm reassurance.
    Love to you all,

  3. John and I join with you in agreement in holding our world in attunement. Let love radiate without concern for results. We hold the world in love.

  4. Dear Friends,

    I join you in agreement in holding our world in attunement. This is an unprecedented opportunity for service.
    May blessings flow to cover the whole earth.


  5. Dear Friends,
    Very glad and thankful to share this radiation time with you all!

  6. Thank you so much for this invitation to share in specific world Attunement with you all.
    With the closing of schools across the states, I find myself presented with an opportunity to utilize my teaching skills as an elementary educator, by creating a classroom setting for my four grandsons.
    We begin this cycle together tomorrow morning.
    Although I am unable to be with you at the designated time slot, I am most conscious of holding our home planet and it’s inhabitants in Attunement. Perfect love casts out all fear. Clean hands and a pure heart are the makings for a strong and healthy immune system. I am so grateful to be with you all in the place of the most high. The upper room of consciousness within the love that binds us in this joyous and profound season.
    I always have my world map up in my room as part of my morning and evening sanctification, with hands held as you indicated in this declarative announcement.
    Thank you!

    Leia Meryt

  7. Thank you, Chris and IAAP Board members, for your clear, calm, and radiantly powerful focus on the timely, utterly essential essences of Attunement that we (each in our own way) thoroughly experience and thus naturally espouse. I strongly sense that our unified radiance joins many others on earth who, especially now, are staying safe, communicating and communing remotely, washing hands often, and keeping minds clear, practical, and creative — amidst an open and thankful heart.

    One of the many examples of this is reflected in a public message via CNN’s weekend publication, “The Good Stuff”. The piece this week is titled “This is What Friends Are For”: “If there were ever a time to be reminded that we’re all in this together, it would be now. It’s never been more important to look out for your neighbors, friends, and others whose lives are going to be affected by this strange and scary time in history.

    “Remember that caution and vigilance are forms of kindness. We’re all taking care of each other. And the difficult part is, we’re going to have to do it without the hugs and fellowship we’re used to. At least we have an amazing array of ways to keep in touch when we can’t, you know, actually touch.

    “So, keep those phones ringing, those texts flowing, and those emails going. Reach out. Support each other. And wash your hands!”
    Safely and Surely with You — PenDell

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