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Meditations To Live By

by Joyce Ellenbecker, Sun Lakes, AZ
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Joyce A. H. Ellenbecker and Judie Arbess Diamond wrote the book, Meditations To Live By: Attuning to the Power of Love, filled with many wonderful Attunement meditations. It is available through Amazon. Here is one that Joyce created called Oneness of being.

Oneness of being
Here we are on Valentine’s Day – an occasion, we can use as a symbol of love – although perhaps not in the way Hallmark intended! Let’s open our hearts to universal love and, breathe together.

Spirit of Balance
Allow your world to come into balance. Allow your internal world to come into balance, by breathing in, breathing out. Allow yourself to come to a point of peace and ease.


Hold your hands about six inches apart and imagine holding your entire world of connection and influence in an energetic ball. Allow whatever wishes to be present to simply be there. Trust and allow.


Spirit of Love
Move to the Spirit of Love, the Spirit of Love that we all inherently are. We are creator-beings, we radiate love into all that we do and all that we are. We watch over our worlds in the Spirit of Love.


Spirit of Truth
Move into the Spirit of Truth. Be aware of the perfection that we each are, the perfection of the Attunement process, the perfection that you bring through the Spirit of Love that is tempered with the Spirit of Truth and
wisdom in you.


Spirit of Life
We move into the Spirit of Life, the radiance of life. We see our world with all its beauty. We see limitations as an opportunity for the expression of wisdom and truth. We breathe life into our worlds.


Spirit of Purification
Move into the Spirit of Purification. As your thoughts and expression are clear, that which is in the heavens above can be expressed into your world, into the earth. You know the frequencies of love and perfection; you can express them into your world. That all things may be made new. That the chaos you find around you cannot disturb you, infuse it with your love of life.


Spirit of Blessing
Move into the Spirit of Blessing. You are blessed with knowing the perfection of your love. You are blessed as you give expression to the love that you feel with others. This is one of the blessings – the capacity to show appreciation, gratitude and love for others and for your world.

Whatever the current hype may be around Valentine’s Day, it’s good to let others know you care, to extend the vibration of blessing to those around, you.


Spirit of The  Single Eye
Move into the Spirit of the Single Eye, knowing that you focus your own creative field and yet, you are connected to all, to the oneness of being, to the oneness that is everlasting, ever was and ever will be. It is a privilege to
express through these physical beings in this time and place. What you bring into focus in your creative field is in harmony, with others.


Spirit of the New Earth
Move into the Spirit of the New Earth. You bring into, expression all of those spirits we’ve been evoking, of love, truth, life, purification, blessing and the single eye. You bring those qualities into consciousness and on through into the earth, knowing we are all one and that we bear witness to each other and to the perfection that we each are. You bear witness to your own perfection and to the perfection of others and to the oneness of life.


Closing balance

Give great thanks for each of us being our perfect selves and for agreeing to join in this unified radiation. Thank you.



2 thoughts on “Meditations To Live By

  1. Joyce –
    As always, you present such wonderful ideas. What a fantastic exercise in Attunement. I really appreciate the focus and the spirit of Love within which this is given.

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