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Stay Tuned

by Erin Rivers
Mission, KS
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Listening to the teleconference facilitated by Joseph Antell on January 6, 2019, “Keepers of the Cup,” Joseph spoke of the collective in the visible and the invisible that calls us to healing, to Attunement. He spoke of the field of Service that comes with Attunement, unique to all of us. He said that we look to Great Ones, but noted that there are Great Ones amongst us. The conversation that came from that insightful introduction focused on Attunement as a way of living and facing the “right direction.” As someone said during this teleconference, it does inspire a deepening of the personal process – a mode of reverting back to a “good works” way of thinking, of being motivated by LOVE.

But as I entered into my very busy life, focused on a difficult relationship at work, pondered over the difficult life choices my children had made, I had made, my friends had made, I realized something. Living in Attunement isn’t something that just happens, although it does. Living in Attunement is something of a process. I will always treasure the simple but profoundly effective demonstration Chris Jorgensen used in the Beginning Practitioner’s Class when he poured the clean water into the container of dirty water. As we watched the dirty water process the clean water, becoming more and more clear, Chris said this would be our lives. The subtle energy of Attunement would cause changes, perhaps dramatic, though more likely not, in our lives and in our hearts.

Having practiced Attunement now for some years, I am living proof of this demonstration. My life did not turn a 180, I did not even experience a 90-degree shift in my life. But subtlety, slowly, consistently, my life has shifted. I wake up grateful. I hold my world in Attunement and I have seen some very positive shifts there too. Yet, I still fret over the challenges and difficulties I experience. One day last week as I was driving and listening to the radio, the announcer promised a wonderful show coming up and asked the audience to “Stay tuned.” I wondered about that. Does anyone ‘tune’ their radio dial anymore? Most everyone I know will simply push buttons or perhaps hit the ‘Scan’ button. What does it mean to “stay tuned”?

This path of thinking brought me back to Joseph Antell’s “Keepers of the Cup” conversation. I went back to listen to the Podcast. What I heard that Sunday is how the Great One walks in all of us – if we “stay tuned” into the Spirit. Staying tuned to the Spirit is living in Attunement. Focusing on the LOVE that is ready to enfold us all is a way of seeing, of living, of breathing in Attunement. Daily connection to the Source of all is our way of focusing that dial on the Great One within. I know in my world, when I get stressed or feel my personal responsibilities crowd the meager time I have, my daily Attunement time is often one of the things I let slide.
I don’t think I am alone in this – and the announcer’s bright and shiny voice asking me to “stay tuned’ came at a time when there were many things crowding my consciousness. I was staying up late and waking up early, but focusing on my work, my professional responsibilities. I had friends and family going through some very difficult decisions and they were looking to me to help them come through those. And, I had two friends pass away. Slowly I was letting the world crowd out my time with Spirit. With the polar vortex came a hunkering in for me, but not so much a going in, not so much a fostering of the connection with Source.

As I was unconsciously stepping back, the call to ‘stay tuned’ resonated deeply. It woke me up to the beauty of our everyday “keeping of the cup” and the beauty of sipping from that cup – daily. It also reminded me of the importance of honoring the simple acts of sacredness in the everyday and how, in those simple acts performed in Love, walks the Great One among us. So, my friends. Stay tuned. And Let Love Radiate.

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One thought on “Stay Tuned

  1. Dear Erin, I could not agree more! It has become a personal yet collective Ministry day by day! I Am a cell of the whole of I AM,! And moving around I KNOW THAT I Am manifesting through this funny little ole body of mine! Miracles are happening in spite of me and especially when I, Wendy, keep out of the way! No claim is made but just the happy privilege of knowing who I Am!

    Much love to you, Wendy

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