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Attunement For Sleep

by Tom Hansen, Lenexa, KS «contact Tom»

If you’ve ever had trouble sleeping, you’re not alone.  It has been estimated that up to 70 million people (in America alone!) have a sleep disorder ranging from mild/occasional to severe/chronic.  A number of years ago I began to share Attunement as a way to clear dissonant energies and bring balance to the endocrine system for those who have trouble sleeping.  This basic protocol is virtually unchanged from the first night I sat down and allowed my hands to move in response to my perceptions. I always use this as a starting point while also listening to what else might be asking for radiation – every person and every moment is different.

This sequence is best done just before bedtime, but can also be helpful if done at other times of the day if that’s what is available to you.  It works well with the person seated in front of you, either in a chair with you standing behind them, or on the floor with you sitting elevated behind them on a chair, edge of the bed, or an ottoman.  It can also be done as a self-attunement while resting in any comfortable position.

In the following sequence you will note the hand positions are sometimes followed by words/concepts/elements.  By holding these in consciousness as you share that part of the Attunement you will bring a specific focus to the radiation and provide an opportunity for these divine elements to become more fully present in the person’s life pattern.

During this Attunement the person’s head may begin to nod as they drift.  You can encourage them to lean back into you and let their head rest against your body.

  1. Balance the life pattern at the cervical position.  After you sense balance say a silent prayer asking that any dissonant energies that have become attached to this life pattern be cleared and released into the larger creative process.
  2. Balance the following endocrine glands:
    1. Pineal – spirit of love: GH into the pineal, RH over the top of the left ear. The pineal energy should have a tight vertical focus. If you sense any other pattern, or if the radiation feels diffuse, try to hold the pattern until you sense it return to strong vertical focus.
    2. Pituitary – spirit of the womb: GH into the pituitary, RH over the pineal. Be aware of the elements of design and control here.
    3. Thyroid – spirit of life: GH into the thyroid, RH over the pineal.
    4. Thymus – spirit of purification: GH into the thymus, RH over the pineal. The quality of “assurance” is found here – this is the place where there is awareness of the presence of “the wonderful one within”, a person’s own divine nature.
    5. Adrenals – spirit of the single eye: with one hand over each adrenal gland, balance the radiation between the two. You may feel a great intensity here – try to hold the pattern until the energy quiets.
  3. Move both hands up over the solar plexus. A lot of anxiety can be held here. If you feel intensity, hold the radiation until the pattern quiets.
  4. Balance the Heart: GH into the heart, RH over the left arm contact point midway between the shoulder and elbow. In addition to the divine aspect of the heart, pay particular attention to any emotional energy you feel here, and hold until you feel balance and quiet.
  5. Balance the Heart/Thymus connection – one hand over each, until you feel balance.
  6. Balance the energies of the Brain – too much mental energy will interfere with sleep: 
    1. Place your hands over the top of the head, thumbs together over the center line, fingers spread open and moved forward just past the top edge of the forehead. Radiate into the brain and clear any dissonant thought energy you perceive here.  Wait for a feeling of “quiet”.
    2. Move your fingers together and slide your hands sideways from the center line of the head until they are at the 10:00 and 2:00 positions just over the place where the head transitions from horizontal to vertical on each side. Radiate into the brain from this position until you sense balance.
    3. Move your hands further down until they are vertical and over the tops of the ears. Radiate into the brain from this position until you sense balance.
  7. Re-balance the life pattern at the cervical position.

Sweet dreams and Attunement blessings!



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