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The Changing Substance of our Collective

by Erin Rivers
Mission, KS
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Over the course of the last few years, those of us in education are noticing a subtle, but profound change in our children. I am sure many of you have heard the lament that our schools are failing, that teachers are not working to meet the needs of students, or that the breakdown of the family has finally reached into the classroom. Firstly, you must recognize that much of the rhetoric you hear about schools failing is political and that, for the most part, this Nation’s schools continue to do an amazing job of educating. However, the success of schools is not without challenges. Schools are working with more kids diagnosed with anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, and autism, and more kids who live in poverty: the numbers have been rising steadily over the last 30 years.

Since I began teaching over 25 years ago, I have witnessed this change first-hand. I have seen classroom overcrowding become the norm. I have more homeless kids, more kids with special accommodations because of anxiety, more kids on suicide watches, and more kids with so much emotional trauma that in my classroom and in classrooms throughout our country, learning how to write an essay may not be the top priority.

Some of the changes are perhaps a result of an increasingly digital world. The more a person is “plugged-in,” the less connected they are with those around them. My peers and I discuss the rising need to teach students social skills in high schools, like where I teach. We discuss ways to teach how to make eye-contact, how to shake hands, how to wait respectfully for a person to finish talking, how to listen, and how to engage are now normal parts of our lessons.

I utilize Attunement often within my classroom, sanctifying the space each morning, and holding particular students or classes in my daily Attunement. I am told I have one of the nicest classrooms, that my students feel safe, calm, and relaxed within my classroom, and that I am a teacher many students choose to spend time with and with whom they will share their stories. The loving surround of Attunement is an added partner that I appreciate greatly.

Many of the changes I see with children are framed within the rising chaos of our society, but these difficulties are presenting world-wide. And with these changes, I am sensing a change in the vibrational quality of our collective consciousness. Now, I know that people have been complaining about kids, and teenagers specifically, for centuries. To quote Socrates, “The children now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise.”

However, what I sense is of a different quality. As I have spent time in Attunement with this thought, it has come to me that the children of today are perceiving the world differently, and this difference is being translated into a variety of “ailments.” I sense that this different perception is our collective consciousness readying our world for a shift. Our kids will be uniquely qualified to hold and work with a reality we’ve not even fully grasped.

I am included in that inability to fully understand how our future will unfold, but I do see that part of the unfolding is our work as the adults present today – to make space for and hold in Attunement and love the unfolding of this new vibrational reality. Rather than judge our youth, let us hold them in love and compassion. Rather than criticize our youth, let us look at the world again, as they describe it. Rather than diminish their roles, let us help them be prepared by opening ourselves up and being sensitive to the vibrational shifts underway. To quote Chris Jorgensen in Love Made Visible – “My instrument is ready to live and create through divine feeling, thought and action. I am here: ready to play my unique part in the cosmic whole as a Creator, one with All.” As I continue to hold our youth in Attunement, I can feel the refinement, the strengthening of this emerging Vibrational pattern.

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One thought on “The Changing Substance of our Collective

  1. Erin – thank you so much for writing this blog article and also for the specific work you do with high school students. What a great blessing that you are bringing the Attunement influence into the classroom. Hats off to you and other teachers who, despite being challenged, are providing a positive, uplifting and loving energy for young people.

    Chris Jorgensen

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