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IAAP Holiday Greetings

by Chris Jorgensen
Gladstone, MO
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Holiday greetings to all!

IAAP has completed another successful year. The IAAP Board (Erin Rivers, Tom Hansen and Chris Jorgensen) is very thankful for those who have supported IAAP’s Roger and Dorothy deWinton scholarship fund in 2017. Eight people were granted scholarships to assist them in attending an Attunement class. IAAP continues to offer a bi-monthly international teleconference call,  a bi-monthly long-distance Attunement call and the Attunement Podcasts. There are approximately 175 people signed up on the website. Thank you to all who contribute to the Attunement blog in the writing of articles and comments.

Chris, Erin & Tom

Here is a comment about Christmas from Uranda, 12/21/52

“In this day set apart for the rest and meditation upon the things of God it is right that we should feel a certain solemnity that the day dedicated to the remembrance of our Master’s birth is again at hand. What is the meaning to us? We could answer with trite phrases which have been repeated many times, and we could say that it is an opportunity to serve, letting God’s love radiate to others–and it is. But no matter what might be said no matter what has been said, this morning, let us share a deeper realization, through our meditation of our relatedness in a personal sense to the pattern of events commemorated so widely in the world.

I was asked a question as to what I would like for Christmas, and I answered, “The greatest present, the greatest joy….is that there should be no breaks from the pattern of truth, no more yielding to the destructive impulses of self-centeredness but a living expression of that which our Master initiated through His birth and life on earth. It might seem to some human minds that this would be asking too much, but I do not believe that it is…”

…It takes greatness, it takes quality, it takes nobility, to be willing to acknowledge that which is and let something be done about it….So if these things shall penetrate deep in heart and mind this morning our Christmas season this year shall not be in vain. I have seen so many Christmas seasons come and go, loaded with opportunity, but when they were gone it was evident that they had come in vain….What shall it be for you this year?”

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3 thoughts on “IAAP Holiday Greetings

  1. Dear Chris, I am so happy to see this point of personal contact this morning! Thank you!
    Love and appreciation are winging their way to all in IAAP. I hope you enjoy this festive season!

    With much love as always from Wendy Mason

  2. All that glitters is not gold but the unseen current of truth and love is gold indeed for which we are eternally in awe and thankful! Many happy returns to All this New .tears Day!! With love from .wendy x .truly! Xxx

  3. I have just reread the Christmas message from Uranda that you posted, Chrs. This seems the perfect prayer to go into 2018 with: “..that there would be no breaks from the pattern of truth, no more yielding to the destructive impulses of self-centeredness but a living expression of that which our Master initiated…” I am taking note, and I give great thanks for you, the team and this community who are helping to make it so.

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