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Another Kind of Attunement

by Bonnie Jo Radasch
Charlemont, MA
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Maintaining a ‘vertical stance’ in the world is becoming more and more like part of a personal garden that must be tended. Observing how energy moves toward or away from me, the circumstances surrounding those flows and becoming aware of the control I have available to help insure maintenance of Loving thoughts and feelings as I move through my day has become as important to me as brushing my teeth.

Not long ago, it came to me to – every morning – before getting out of bed, think of the ways Love has touched me… through my family, through others, through nature, a kind deed… When those feelings of Love have filled me and my body feels fully infused, there’s a sense that I am ready to go into my day. When encountering challenging situations, I bless them and remember the feelings of Love I have internalized in the morning.

When I lay down for the night, I remember again the feelings of Love, inviting those feelings to share their radiance into the world, as I sleep. Attunement is the underlayment that holds and magnifies this for me.

Knowing I am in charge of the territory known as “myself”, and maintaining a strong vertical stance that re-members Love, provides the framework that I wish to be with as I move morning to night.  I am ever grateful for the ways Attunement shows up in my life… inviting me to know its many faces.

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One thought on “Another Kind of Attunement

  1. Thank you for this Bonnie Jo. I agree. The vertical position draws us upward offering the ability to sustain the Spirit of, with and in continuous Attunement. Lovely words from an open heart.

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