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Attunement Practitioner’s Course – Portland Maine

by Hilary Budet
Belfast, ME


For me, the Attunement Practitioner’s Course was an exploration into the many layers of peaceful and present holding. I have had few experiences of this kind of holding in my life so naturally I was very eager to discover more about it once I’d had a taste of it.

Nancy Frederick was our teacher. Her discerning, patient, steady holding of the nature of Attunement created a loving space in which we could all safely work into holding and sharing energy fields with one another.

For me the space or field was familiar, a sort of coming home that I hadn’t been able to remember. The work of finding, sharing and holding Attunement helped to recall that sacred meeting place for me.

The Practitioner’s Course was a beautiful entry into a world of moving within, towards and through sustained light and love.

from left to right:
Cynthia Heelan, Lisa Lichterfeld, Hilary Budet,Molly Edelstein, Nancy Frederick, Sarah Haskell, Marsea Spiegel and Erica Whiting.  Missing ​are ​Wendy Pollock and Catherine McAllister 

One thought on “Attunement Practitioner’s Course – Portland Maine

  1. Thanks for sharing your perspective Hilary! As a fellow newbie to this field I appreciate your clarity of thought. I agree that Nancy was an excellent teacher, guiding us with patience and humor! We had fun, shared food, tears, insights and hopes. I look forward to connecting each week with my Attunement buddies!

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