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Sanctity in Living

by Davina Misroch
London, UK
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It is said that “Truth is the only thing that can sanctify. Alignment with the Truth is that which makes holy, that which sanctifies in living.”

Here are Principles of Being that I can accept, I can trust, even if I do not yet fully understand or know the fullness of them or their meaning. I realise that comprehending the Principles of Being takes one only so far; it is one thing to see them, to understand them intellectually, but how can they be known in experience?

Here it is: If the Truth is to be ‘known’, it has to be established in oneself and experienced through one’s living. When I think of ‘Sanctity in Living’ I think of a pure heart. What is moving in my heart? What spirit is occupying it? ‘Sanctity’ resides in the deepest part of my heart – holy, pure, inviolate. If my heart is pure, then sanctity, holiness, pervades the whole of my being … all through mind, heart and body.

If sanctity, holiness is to translate through my living in every aspect and in sharing Attunements, this means I have to remain watchful and alert to the spirit(s) that occupy my heart in each moment – especially in these days, when I find that things happen so fast that it takes real deliberateness not to get pulled off centre. If ill spirits are occupying my heart then all the holiness in me is obscured, blocked. Judgement arises and internal turmoil ensues. So, I have to do something very quickly, very deliberately to repent, to turn around.

Here is what I do to stay in Attunement with “Being”.

  • I do whatever it takes to bring myself to Stillness (e.g. change what I am doing, reorientate, do the washing up, prepare simple food, have a bath, go swimming …)
  • I turn away from the Noise and listen deeply to the ‘still small voice’ within
  • Invariably one or more Principles of Being surface in my consciousness, or an instruction (e.g. ‘all is well’, ‘wait!’, ‘stop!’, ‘be still’, ‘come up hither where the problem isn’t it’)

This ‘turnaround’ is an internal flip in Identity, like ‘flipping a switch’ out of false identity into True Identity. It happens in the instant. I am either in right identity or I am not. This turnaround in consciousness has been aptly described recently as: ‘we are spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings trying to have a spiritual experience. That’s a neat way of putting it!

Often I envision a Wheel where I am rightly centred at the Hub. I see the Spokes as being the points of stewardship that extend to the Rim, the connecting point to the circumstances. Centring myself at the Hub doesn’t preclude being at the Rim, on the contrary. All that is required is simply that my consciousness remains at the Hub, in mySelf, God-centred, in the midst of the circumstances. When I remain centred at the Hub in this way, then I become a means for Spirit to flows through me into the circumstances at hand.

I have been thinking recently about mercy as a quality of the Pure Heart. Among the very deepest, the most profound and humbling experiences of my life, there have been moments when I have known the Creator’s Mercy … in spite of all my own wrongdoing. In those moments of Reality, I have known that there never is a time when that which is Highest is not extending it … no matter how much justification there would be!

I think about Mercy as similar to but distinct from Forgiveness. I see Mercy as a quality I can elect to extend when I am in a position not to. When there has been wrongdoing – however blatant or slight – I can choose to be merciful, let go, let it pass by, let the other person off. Cease judgement. Condemn no-one. I view Mercy as the antidote to justification, self-righteousness and the sense of ‘entitlement’ all-too-present in these days. Inherent in the quality of Mercy is a call to come up to another range, a level above the turmoil ‘where the problem isn’t’ and to let the spirit of Mercy find expression through me in living.

‘Sanctity’, ‘sanctify’ – to make holy – the purification of all those deep places and function in my heart and mind which restores and makes holy, so that my living is made holy. When I give expression to qualities of true character such as Mercy, Life quickly tests these things in me … to see if they will hold, if I mean what I say … if I will ‘walk my talk’. If I do, these Principles of Being establish themselves in me, and, through that, I know the Truth, sanctity and holiness in living.

11 thoughts on “Sanctity in Living

  1. Dear Davina,

    Thank you for your practical wisdom. I have long thought that we missed a step by being focused on Love as the goal of spiritual practice. Without devoting ourselves first to Truth, Love cannot be achieved. When we are devoted to Truth, Love seems to flow naturally.

    I, too struggle with staying at he Hub. The outer world is so noisy and alluring. And yet, the Hub is the only place where the soul can rest, where Truth abides.

    Thank you also for your clarifying thoughts about Mercy. That have me much to consider.

    Again, thank you for sharing your path to Truth with us.

  2. Devina, your words are so inspirering and the expansion from others fills it in even more. Thank you Devina and all. Joyce

  3. Davina –
    Often we will read things right when we need them – and so it is here, for me. Thank you for your insight and clarity. To see myself as a hub on a Wheel, and the arms cast out in service and stewardship is a wonderful act of centering. To be still and Listen. To be Mercy. To Sanctify. Each of these and all of these resonated with me as a reminder to keep connected to Spirit, to be open to mercy and sanctification. I admire your depth and wisdom and am thankful for your sharing with us. Blessings to you Davina.

  4. I would add my voice to this chorus of appreciation for your words, Davina. You have given a beautiful and practical description of what it takes to abide in the secret place of the Most High – whatever arises. That is our highest calling in life. It is good feel the angelic connection across the miles and years. Thank you! Louise

  5. Hi Davina – what you have shared here is a beautiful piece of writing imbued with such authenticity, clarity, and refreshing insight. It is obvious that you walk your talk. I want to appreciate your unique differentiation of the Spirit of Life. For those who wish to know how to bring their Spirit into form, I would refer them to your words here and suggest, like you have, now go practice it! Thank you.

  6. Dear Davina I so love your input regarding Mercy! It is kinder than forgiveness ! And there is such qualities as kindness, and “a feeling for r”. it is either IN ONE OR IT IS NOT, I hope maybe that following your workshop on Forgiveness you might turn your attention to one on Mercy! In loving appreciation,Wendy

  7. Dear Davina,

    Thank you for these wonderful words. I concur entirely. In my experience, there is no end to being caught up in the busyness of life, till inevitably an ‘unease’ persistently niggles which mandates quietening down and coming back down to bases – and doing whatever needs to be done – dishes, lying down quietly, letting the layers dissipate. Sometimes it requires trust to let go to the voice within, as you’re called upon to do even nothing, and human nature habit makes you want to meddle. Experience again has taught me to happily let go, as that voice is the only trustworthy element.

    This is ‘dangerous ‘ at times, as outwardly it seems you’re courting trouble. I’ll explain – I’m a lawyer, and I have daily cases. Oftentimes, an inner voice doesn’t let me open a file and I’m on tenterhooks as the case is fixed the next day, and I jolly well ought to know my file thoroughly! Yet, I don’t study my file coz I’m not drawn to it. And next day, that case is adjourned. It’s delightful to surrender to that inner voice.

    I’m constantly looking to learn ways to strengthen this connection with this ‘inner voice’. Mercy is one. Everyone is required to be merciful, and it is great to have the largeness of heart to be so. May the Lord God, Benefactor of us all continue to grant us this, and more.

    Thank you for this blog. Thank you for this opportunity for sharing this with us all.
    Nidhi Gupta.

  8. Such a lovely blog, Davina and beautiful words from you Too David.
    An experience of sanctification indeed

  9. Most Beautiful Davina! You and your expression here in written word is most beautiful, and Word Perfect. Your carefully chosen words carry essences to my consciousness, in streaming video images of expanded differentiation — akin to the Motherland Tongue of which we have been informed, by Uranda, that just a few words would expand into several paragraphs when translated into the English language. What you write and share here is of the language of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, a language that we share within the fine substance of our Eternal knowing. Your focus on the word “mercy” is timely, and rich with the promise of spiritual rewards, and countless fruitful hours of meditation and contemplation. It is as Portia spoke in Shakespeare’s play, “The Merchant of Venice” …

    The quality of mercy is not strained.
    It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
    Upon the place beneath. It is twice blessed:
    It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.
    ‘Tis mightiest in the mightiest. It becomes
    The thronèd monarch better than his crown.
    His scepter shows the force of temporal power,
    The attribute to awe and majesty
    Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings,
    But mercy is above this sceptered sway.
    It is enthronèd in the hearts of kings.
    It is an attribute to God himself.
    And earthly power doth then show likest God’s
    When mercy seasons justice.

    And it is as Uranda said in 1953, in his fine piece titled “Nature and Work of Shekinah” …

    “And is there one among you who has no need of mercy? “Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.” Actually the Beatitudes, properly recognized and understood, portray the basic principles essential to coming to the point where you can be a cherubim, a cherub, a servant of God, an angel of God—whatever you want to say—standing upon the mercy seat. But you may be standing upon the mercy seat and if there is not someone else who stands upon the mercy seat somewhere, somehow, with you, you, standing there alone, cannot make manifest the conditions essential to the revelation of Shekinah. There must be two, one at each end of the ark of the covenant, with the mercy seat between. And it is above the mercy seat, between the cherubim, that there is the centering, the beginning of the centering, of the forming, of Shekinah in that particularized pattern.”

    And you have said it just as well as Shakespeare and Uranda, and there must be at least two who so stand in agreement, and so I stand upon the mercy seat with you, extending mercy – and as we have seen from the comments here, there are others also in many places who are in easy and natural agreement with you. Thank you so much, Davina. db

  10. Thank you for your words on the Teleconference and on this blog. It is so beautifully stated in a way the is new and thoughtful, but simple and true. I love, love it. Blessings, Reven Bronson

  11. Davina, this is an excellent blog article – well stated and so true. I appreciate what you wrote about sanctification and holiness and mercy. As you said it is time to “walk the talk”. Thank you. Chris

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