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Peace Warriors

◄ by Jan Vanderwood – Hancock, New Hampshire ►

There is a fabric of peace, that when tapped into, is seen to surround the world, both within and without.
When upheaval occurs it is a natural expulsion of pent up energy.
How can one project peace upon the earth?
First off, find “freedom in” instead of fighting to find “freedom from” the situation, however abhorrent one might find it.
The situation, right now, is as it is.
Acceptance, gratefulness brings one down into the fabric which is called peace and out of the sensationalistic firestorms.
Once one is connected with peace you are automatically connected with all others who’s hearts wait for the call.
And what is that call?
It is the call of the deep heart, it is individualized and collective and works together as one body in agreement.
This agreement may be the calling forth of something our limited minds may fail to understand.
But like good soldiers of peace, we hold the fort, we agree with the creative stirrings of the deeper good.
In this moment accept and be grateful for what is.
Greater intelligence, the bigger mind, the heart of the peaceful warrior ~
Listen to the call, your call, each step of the way.
Then look around at the unparalleled army that surrounds in agreement.
Peaceful warriors, always a time to pick up your armour of peace, love, agreement with the Greater, which is in all.

– Jan Dee
Inspired by my weekend workshop with Andrew Shier and Paul Price

5 thoughts on “Peace Warriors

  1. I love the aspect of being a peaceful warrior. It is the authentic way of being in the situation and radiating the peace that emanates from within. Being peaceful doesn’t mean lying down and letting the unrest roll over you. It is a proactive stance of bringing what’s needed to heal whatever needs healing. Thank you for these thought provoking words, Jan.

  2. Thank you for sharing your writing, Jan. A beautiful, heartfelt post that captures inspired essences of what was shared during the weekend. I love how it ‘lands’. Bonnie Jo

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