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The Unified Field – an Attunement Podcast

• by Tom Hansen, Lenexa, KS •

In my work in the computer field I became aware of “podcasts” early in their life cycle. It has only been in the last few years, however, since the technology evolved to include listening on phones and tablets, that I became a real fan and began listening to a select few on a regular basis. I most enjoy those that are in a “conversational” format and present an insight into the lives and thought processes of visionaries, leaders and those who are really dedicated to a particular topic in the areas of spirituality and technology.

Some time ago I began to consider the idea of an Attunement Podcast along those lines – conversations with those who have a deep history in the Attunement field and are willing to share their insights, perceptions and life experiences with a wider audience in this format. And so Chris Jorgensen and I began together to give some energy to this idea to see if it indeed wanted to be brought into form.

I’m delighted to report that it did, and we have begun! The Unified Field – an Attunement Podcast has recorded its first episode, a conversation with Diana deWinton. Diana is the daughter of the late Roger deWinton and her experience with Attunement began when she was a young child. She is currently an Attunement Practitioner living in spiritual community in Colorado. Our conversation with Diana is available on the website on the “Archive” tab, along with the recordings of the International Teleconference presentations (click here).  And, by the way, the recording of last Sunday’s teleconference is now available there as well.

Chris and I plan to record one podcast approximately each month or so, depending on schedules and other factors that may arise.  In the future we hope to make them available in a true podcast format that you can subscribe to on iTunes or in your podcast app of choice (and there are many), but for now they are only available on the website to be played from there.  You can do this from a computer, tablet or phone – it will work on any device that can access the web.  We hope you enjoy, and welcome your comments and feedback.

8 thoughts on “The Unified Field – an Attunement Podcast

  1. Thanks, Tom and Chris, for providing a new way to stay connected with the Attunement community.

  2. So very special! Roger is still so much in my heart that this was really just wonderful. Thanks to all of you.

  3. I loved it. Thank you Tom and Chris. I look forward to more in the future. Bessings and Love…

  4. This was a wonderful interview! I really enjoyed the easy flow of the conversation, and the level, depth, and quality of information imparted. Great idea and I look forward to listening to many more!

  5. I just listened to the podcast of the conversation with Diana deWinton. I loved being able to hear all three of your voices as you shared about Attunement. I felt the peace conveyed. I look forwardito listening to more of the podcasts as you record them, as it is a helpful way for me to learn and stay connected to the Attunement current.

    I have difficulty with concentrating when I read and began to listen to books on tape & CD during exercise and traveling in years past. It has been a wonderful way for me to learn. I would love to have more of these to be available in the future…..thank you for your effort and time to make these available. I’m planning to listen to more of these as I work outside today.
    Blessings to you!

  6. What a great idea! That’s just awesome – such a wealth of material, substance and living experience that can be shared with a huge audience!!

  7. Thank you Tom and Chris for an inspired idea, offering another window through which to explore Attunement, Bonnie Jo.

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