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A North Carolina beach Attunement Experience

• by Karen Knox – Kansas City, MO •

Recently I had the opportunity to spend two weeks with friends from college on the outer banks of North Carolina. The house was right on the beach with a long boardwalk and stairs from the decks to the beach. The presence of the ocean was overwhelming; I felt its vastness and its enormity. I sensed the power of the ocean was so great that it could absorb all negativity and limitation. If we could just let go of that which holds us back, the ocean would take it away. I recognized my finite existence in the presence of such great power of the ocean. This was particularly experienced when I entered the water and played in the waves. When I let go and rode the wave there was a flow and the experience of joy, at the same time the ocean’s immense power was ever present in the strong undertow, the rip tide. Sometimes it took all my strength to remain standing as the undertow pulled in a direction I did not want to go. Swift and forceful waves could provide a fun ride. At the same time the wave could knock me over, and I became part of the churning water, and finally the ocean would spit me back to shore along with the sea foam. I would emerge laughing, humbled, and in awe of the strength of the waves. I reflected how this is like life. There is an enormous energy that is ever present, moving humankind to evolve, and is in control. Just like the supremacy of ocean, I am just a wave in the vast ocean of Consciousness. Attunement practitioners know this force as the attunement current. It is known by many names such as the Divine Design, God, Divine Intelligence, the Holy, Yahweh, Grace, the Absolute, Love…. We think we are in control, yet there is this immense energy, which cannot be fathomed that is behind everything.

I shared attunement with everyone at the beach house as an example of the energy therapy I practice, and offered to share attunement upon request. I was so aware of the energy of the ocean, which is attunement, surrounding everyone and everything. I was bathed in attunement as I held my hands over the person before me and felt we were immersed in the attunement energy. I was just focusing some of the vast energy for a few moments in time. We were not separate from the attunement energy; we were attunement. Put in another way, the enormous force of Love surrounded everyone and everything. We were not separate from Love; we were Love. Attunement practice focused that Love for a few moments in time. It is clear to me how this is always the truth; the ocean helped me to become conscious of it in a different way. We are always immersed in Love, we are not separate from Love, and we are Love.

Now the task is to practice this awareness daily. I am practicing avoiding distraction by habitual and erroneous thoughts such as people and life should be the way I want, I am my mind and emotions, I am afraid when I am not in control, I know best, and so on. I am practicing tuning into the enormous presence of Love that is behind this existence. I recognize the truth that I am everything and nothing. I am a little wave and at the same time I am the ocean. This is a delicate balance, a paradox. The wisdom traditions state that this knowledge is our birthright, why we were born. Attunement is an experience in the macro and micro, the finite and the infinite. I have a body, I have a mind, I have emotions, but I am not my body, mind, or emotions. I am One, I am the Witness, I do but I am not the Doer.

The two weeks at the beach were sublime. We played in the ocean, built sand castles, talked, played music, painted watercolors, cooked, reminisced, shared attunement, walked on the beach, stacked stones and shells to make small cairns, and got to be. I experienced long stretches of time with no thought. The ocean never got old. It remains an ongoing source of contemplation and inspiration.

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