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Dolphin-Assisted Attunement

Imagine you are sharing Attunement for the next week in warm, clear, gently-rocking ocean water…the sun warming your skin, many hours of time to be deep within yourself, eyes closed, your ears underwater, the cares of the outer world disappear and you find the silent place of awakening.

Floating in warm ocean water as a weightless spirit, free of the confines of the physical structure of our bodies in the density of gravity, allows for a distinct remembrance of the freedom within our divine nature. This freedom informs our physical structure of how its development can continue toward ascension.

Communing with water that holds memory…memory of the creative imprint of the cosmos, you are floating in a virtual akashic record in this magical self-cleansing bio-computer of life-giving fluid. Add the surround of Attunement, the teaming life forms in the ocean water, and the sonar and songs of dolphins….their awareness and sonar know everything about you and there is peace and safety in their presence. Soak in this experience! All the places in us that are not of pure truth disappear without a thought as to how that just happened. Such bliss…

As many of you know we have continued to explore places and opportunities to be with dolphins in an expanded awakening experience over the past 8 years. We have connections with several venues now and trips are planned for 2014 and 2015. Whether you’d like to join us for an ambassador dolphin experience where you can touch, kiss, hug, and play with dolphins in an ocean lagoon or prefer an adventure swimming, snorkeling, or diving with wild dolphins in the open ocean, there are incredible options to stretch the boundaries of your experience of Attunement.

Contact us for more information, schedule, photos, and recent videos.

Attunement and Dolphin Blessings,
Gary & Janan Stiles

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