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We are recovering from yet another very cold visit by an Arctic Polar Vortex which dropped temperatures in Kansas City to minus 13 degrees (actual temps, not wind chill). This cold weather pattern will, as those have before it, move into the Eastern and Southern parts of the United States. It takes an extra layer of clothes for humans to move about, and pets can only be outside for short periods of time. The Polar Vortex has not moved south into the United States for many years and is consequently a rare weather phenomenon. Why now? What is Mother Nature trying to tell us?

I know from Attunement experience that everything is connected; all of creation is in union. Perhaps life via Mother Nature was sharing a cooling Attunement with those of us in the U.S., much the same as a person would put a damp, cool cloth over the forehead of someone who has a raging fever. Because of the intensity of divisive feeling energy moving through the country politically, socially and economically, which has heated up the human experience of daily living, a cool respite for a feverish, sweating and exhausted country brings a balance.

In my Attunement work I am always looking for balance, letting the current bring the pattern to balance. This is one reason why I like balancing the cervical life pattern to begin and to close an Attunement. This approach is not a law that must always be obeyed; there are rare times when I don’t start by balancing the cervical life pattern. Balance is the Law of Life. Thus, if a pattern is hot, I look for the current to cool; if the pattern is filled with high intensity, I look for the current to relax and ease, etc. Producing a balance is one of the primary purposes of Attunement because once there is balance, the person’s own Presence will bring healing and restore vibrant health.

In an October 1949 talk entitled, “The Principles of Healing”, Uranda said “The purpose of the attunements which you have been receiving is not only to permit physical healing but to allow the spirit of God to work through heart and mind, as well as the body, that the whole being may be brought into balance and the life forces may be released, the cleansing, healing power of the spirit allowed to be active in every phase of life.”

Walter Russell in his book, The Message of the Divine Iliad, states, “Equal interchange between opposite conditions manifests the love principle of balance upon which God’s universal body is founded. Whatever is true of God’s universal body is true of man’s body. It is the quality of balance between the giving and receiving of Nature which makes its transactions perpetual.”

My observation is that the weather is always in balance. The balance today in the weather is different than that revealed in the mid 1980s – there has been change. Today, the fluctuations are wider, revealing more extremes in temperature, wind, moisture, etc. Might the weather balance be milder, more stable and less volatile? Yes, of course. I perceive that such possibility would depend on many factors including people like you and me. I see the same principle at work in my practice. There are clients who have been sharing Attunement over many years whose lives have become more stable, more refined and more balanced. As Uranda mentioned, Attunement does assist in bringing the “whole being” into balance.

So let’s share Attunement and bless the world.

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One thought on “Balance

  1. Almost without noticing, Attunement has brought balance to many areas of my life – yes, even with this cold weather. I also perceive that there are those who push against this balance, both in the wider world and in my own world. It reminds me that the value of sharing attunement – of blessing the world – might not be noticed right away, but slowly the balance enfolds us. Share Attunement and bless the world!

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