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A Word From The President and IAAP Board Changes

A spiritual mentor once told me that change is life’s middle name. Indeed! Over the years there have been many changes in the IAAP structure and once again changes are upon us. The IAAP Board has altered its makeup; Tom Hansen (Lenexa, KS) is now a Trustee and also the new Secretary/Treasurer. Joseph Antell, President for the last five plus years and Andrew Shier, Secretary for the last couple of years, have stepped away from being Board Trustees. I remain on the Board as a Trustee and the new President.

This blog is my opportunity to give you a word from the President. First I would like to express my deep appreciation for the many years that Andrew and Joseph have participated in and at various times coordinated the International Association of Attunement Practitioners (IAAP), its teleconferences, activities and events. Both men were present at the beginning (April 1999) and have worked closely with myself and others to hold the Attunement current steady and true. Each one will continue to participate with IAAP and Attunement. Thank you, Joseph. Thank you, Andrew.

Two years ago many structural changes were initiated that shape how IAAP is currently run. There are two primary aspects to IAAP’s mission – to provide a meeting place on the web ( and to provide scholarships for those wishing to attend Attunement classes. Since the summer of 2012, IAAP has granted 14 scholarships for Initiations, Advanced Classes, Practitioner’s Courses, and the Attunement Intensive. These scholarships are a wonderful provision as those who have received one will tell you. To attend Attunement training, long or short, is to begin a path of Self discovery and a specific experience of Love’s Radiation. It is life changing!

There are two ways to donate to IAAP – here on the website (see the donate button on the right side of the home page) and by snail mail – checks payable to IAAP, P.O. Box 28574, Kansas City, MO 64188-8574. In whatever way works for you I encourage you to consider a tax deductible donation to IAAP today.

Share Attunement and Bless the World.

Chris Jorgensen
President, IAAP

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5 thoughts on “A Word From The President and IAAP Board Changes

  1. Yes, thank you Andrew and Joseph… and thank you, Chris for assuming role of President, and thank you Tom for stepping up as both Secretary and Treasurer. Of all organizations I’m aware of, or have ever been aware of, IAAP is to my mind the most significant one on this planet. That is not being said as ego boosting or flattery, but on the basis of the exceptional and accurate contributions being made on a consistent basis to humanity and to the outworking of the current Divine cycle in which humanity has now found itself engaged… like it or not.

    There’s an old saying I’ve heard literally hundreds of times in my lifetime: “Things may not be the way you want them to be… and maybe not even close to the way you would like… but the fact is, that without exception, in any given moment, things are EXACTLY just the way they are.”

    Without exception, on every teleconference I’ve been on, and in every blog I’ve read since this website has been established, TRUTH has been accurately clothed. So thank you to one and all ‘members’ of IAAP, whom I choose daily to bless with the Life I have been blessed with, and to enfold you in the Love that enfolds me. Love to ya’ll !!! Leon

  2. I too give thanks to Andrew and Joseph for all they have provided and still provide to the larger body. Glad to hear that you are once again President. I love all of your ongoing insight and experience in this most beautiful field of love called attunement. The steady pulse of blessing that has consistently been there has been felt by this being. I love this work and all those in this body of angels. I’m writing this response while on chemo at OHSU in Portland, OR. There is an attunement weekend happening at Still Meadow this weekend with Lloyd Meeker, Jr. and many other friends. Blessing to everyone.

  3. A downunder “with you” as changes continue to refine and uplift us, as we let internal and external moves align with “All That Is” true for each and our world. Rosie and I are readying for our 4th home shift in 3 years and appreciate what flexibility means as we let go of more of what does not serve and embrace the new. Many blessings and much love from us….Jonathan

  4. Dear Chris,
    I love the way life shifts and changes the landscapes of our worlds as it has done with the changes in IAAP. Thank you for playing your part in returning the the Presidency and for the changes Joseph, Andrew and Tom have allowed as well. I look forward to participating with all in the creative radiation of attunement. Love, Diana

  5. Thank you Andrew and Joseph for all of your service and guidance. And also thanks to Chris and Tom for carrying on. All is well. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love, Barbara

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