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Technology – Servant or Slave Maker?

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ►

In his 1948 book, The Message of The Divine Iliad, Walter Russell says, “We are deceived by the seeming advancement of science into believing that we are highly civilized. As long as we have not arrived at a point in which we know the nature of God sufficiently to know of our unity with our fellow man, to make it unthinkable to even hurt another, much less kill, rob or exploit him, we are still uncivilized barbarians.”

I am currently using Attunement to work with a pervasive pattern that touches the lives of many human beings on the planet, my own included, particularly because I have always been interested in science. Most, if not all of us, are unconscious, unquestioning followers of this approach to living – slaves of technology. Does this idea surprise you? Let me share what is transpiring in my Attunement.

Here is the pattern and dilemma — we are living in today’s modern society using ever-advancing technology, while at the same time seeking through Attunement to consciously experience a world created and functioning on the basis of Love’s radiation. From what I can discern, it is evident that technology is pushing human society towards an inevitable experience of union. This can be easily seen in the fields of human endeavor such as communications, economics, social media, banking and money, sports, science, entertainment, and the list goes on. Instantaneous connections via television, internet, Facebook, Twitter, etc., all flash the actions of any one individual or group or country around the world for all to see and to mentally and emotionally experience. While this state of union is seemingly encouraging everyone to think globally, the experience is a lie. It is a false state of union filled with the traps of the ego – inequality, prejudice, intolerance, greed and fear. The ego’s translation of this false state of union only leads to further control and enslavement. Is technology really freeing us or is it enslaving us?

To illustrate the fact that technology is everywhere, take note of the fact that you are reading this blog electronically. Another example is my smart phone. I own a Droid X and have found it quite helpful in my healthcare practice. My good friend convinced me to take the challenge and make a change two years ago, from pencil and paper to electronics. Yes, it is saving me $$ thank you — no local phone service, no credit card machine, no long-distance phone charges. So, today my rolodex of client information is now in my phone, my calendar is now in my phone (and tablet), my credit card business is in my phone — I trust you get the picture. I drive a fuel efficient car to work. I greatly enjoy the modern appliances in our home (like a/c in the summer time). A doctor client came into the office recently and during our conversation we spoke briefly about the gee-wiz medical devices that are available today (mind you they are very expensive). It looks like a shining new world, paradise has come, but it is not real — it comes with a false state of union.

There is another subtler element/aspect of this energy pattern for me to address in this Attunement current which seldom sees the light of day. To put it simply, the technological advancements of the last century, especially in the U.S., have made life way more than bearable — have made it much easier to live out of balance, out of union, out of alignment, out of the experience of Love and Love’s state of union. When I am honest with myself I can see that in this scientific and technological filled society the tendency is to sit back and enjoy the fruits of the mind — like “sports couch potatoes” on the weekend.

What to do? Where to start? Shall I go live in a cave? When I share Attunement I am entering into the spiritual technology of Love — the true technology. I am inviting all of the substance that is touched by the Attunement current to return to alignment with Love. This is where I live. So when I use human technology let me be aware and conscious of where my Attunement really is and not fall into the trap of thinking that there would be no world worth living in without technology. This is my approach while continuing to work with this pattern. A question for you, the reader: How do you work with technology and the dilemma it poses in your living?

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