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Chris Kenyon’s Passing

◄ by Teri Frailey – Shawnee, KS ►

My friend, Chris Kenyon, passed away at 1:55 a.m., Sunday, September 30th.

Chris was a Board Member of IAAP in its early years, and an Attunement practitioner with too many interests, skills and degrees to list. I’ll miss our conversations, weekly shared Attunements and all that fills a friendship; yet I know that, for Chris, All Is Well.

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3 thoughts on “Chris Kenyon’s Passing

  1. Thank you for the picture and letting us know, Teri. I felt felt her powerful spirit and passion for Attunement in the brief times our paths crossed over the years. Thank you for your service on this side, Chris, and blessings into the next. My heart is with you and others Teri, who will miss her presence.

  2. Thank you Teri for sharing this news. Chris has a strong spirit! She blessed so many people and will be missed. Sharon

  3. I knew Chris from her years of work at the KC School District. Besides being a tireless researcher and really good at what she did, her love for animals and her exploration of life, spirituality, and better ways of being really stand out in my mind. I am certain that she now has many more answers now that she has ‘loosened the bounds’ of this life. I hope her spirit is at peace.

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