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Intuition – Are We Ready for It?

◄ by Andrew Shier – Hancock, NH ►

When I was a boy of 6-8 years old, my capacity for intuition was quite active and pure. I was aware of a vivid connection with God, particularly as I took walks in the nearby forest and spoke out loud to Him.  He always answered back to the many questions occupying my heart upon entering the forest.  I soon discovered that this was not typical among my parents and close friends, and was even considered a little “weird.”  Not wishing to be seen in the eyes of my parents as abnormal, I quickly took on a persona or façade that was more acceptable to them.  This played out even more as I entered teenage years and was very concerned to be with the “in crowd.”  So gradually this most sacred capacity of intuition entered a phase of dormancy, and a more egotistical and rational component took precedence.

When I began sharing in the Attunement process in my early twenties, this capacity began to reawaken.  My experience and understanding of this world of intuition has grown and deepened over the last 40 years, and plays a substantial role in my relationship with the great Presence.

My current understanding is that intuition is seated in the pure heart. As was conveyed many centuries ago, it is the pure of heart that are able to “see” God.  What is this “seeing”, in fact?  It is truly the seeing of oneself in union with Source, God, the Creator, or whatever label one wishes to ascribe to that which is most high in ones consciousness.  I Am That. The initial remembering and awakening to this most wonderful fact is usually one of wonder, joy, elation, and a sense of finally being Home.  Shortly thereafter for many of us, there is the accompanying realization that: “Wow, you mean the world that I have been a part of and the personal persona that has navigated me through it is unreal, an illusion, and in fact a dream state?!”  Yes, that is precisely what is true.  Thus begins the processes of purification, release, and re-organization of my world, and therefore the greater world.

Perhaps this is why the capacity of intuition has not been honored for a long time, because the very radiance of spirit that pours through it, illuminates not only the kingdom of heaven as it has been portrayed, but also all the thoughts, feelings and edifices of the human world that must pass away.  My kingdom is not of this world.  This does not imply that I am aloof from it.   I love this world, because I love my true Home.  From here, I am free in this world just the way it is, and let the radiance of my being be the force of change and healing.  Attunement is the carrier wave for this radiance as it flows through the pure heart and turns the wheels of our intuition to bring true Knowledge to consciousness once again.  I find this Knowledge is always practical in its application to the things that arise in daily affairs just the way they are.  There is patience, compassion, kindness, and generosity.  There is also a fire that does an excellent job of monitoring the voices of ego that at times struggle for attention. Peace, be still.  What a gift our intuition provides.

3 thoughts on “Intuition – Are We Ready for It?

  1. Thank you Andrew for your words!

    I just took time to read your words about intuition. It seems that when I listen and act from my intuition, my life is in alignment with a greater source. I so love reading your words that resonate with my world!

  2. Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for your thoughts. They resonate in my heart. Innocence coupled with a conscious mind is part of the aspect of intuition. I am reminded of the words to a song by Pat and Tuckie “lets bring heaven on down – I don’t want to wait for the angels – let’s bring heaven on down”. Seeing my world with gratitude – is seeing the beauty – is seeing with innocence – is intuiting heaven. much love, Cheyne

  3. Beautifully expressed Andrew! My spirit resonates with yours deeply. I am remembering those early days in my youth where all was magic, as well. Mother Nature reveals herself so clearly in these days too, as we slow down and look or listen. Illness (purification) can be a vehicle for that greater Seeing. I just returned from a stay in the hospital where chemotherapy was administered. There has been some recovery with my return to Coos Bay, but I took a walk this week and was so taken by each bush and flower’s beauty. The time away and the intensity of the experience have brought greater clarity to my vision. Thanks for the inspiration to share my experience.


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