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Aging Into Bliss

Christopher Foster is an author with a strong backgound in, and love of, Attunement. He lived for 35 years in the Emissary Community that was founded on Martin Exeter’s ranch at 100 Mile House in British Columbia, Canada.

He is the author of the biography, “One Heart, One Way: The Life and Legacy of Martin Exeter“, and  a fable, “The Raven Who Spoke with God“, as well as many other books, both poetry and fiction. Christopher’s latest book is “Aging Into Bliss – Discovering the Wisdom and Joy of Your Timeless Nature“.

On his website Christopher says, “I’m passionate about sharing  the wisdom I have learned and playing my part in the re-shaping of this world. Above all I want to help you realize your unique potential and give the gift you came into this world to give.”

Aging Into BlissChristopher offers the following about his new book:

  • Helps you experience new peace and assurance as you realize that your true worth is not dependent upon outer circumstances.
  • Helps relieve anxiety, distress and discontent.
  • Helps you become more attuned to your inner wisdom.
  • Helps you realize more deeply that although your body will age, your spirit is ageless.

We live in such a remarkable time. Whatever our age, we have such a remarkable opportunity to awaken more fully to the boundless, beautiful truth at the core of our existence.

You can read more about the book, and Christopher, at his website, The Happy Seeker. The direct link to the book page is available here.

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