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Collective Attunement

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO  ►

One creative form of Attunement that I love is collective Attunement — that is, Attunement involving a group of 3 or more people. While collective Attunement is based in the same principles as both Self-Attunement and traditional 2-person Attunement, collective Attunement requires additional factors. Specifically, there must be someone (one pole) coordinating the collective creative field (so that what is undertaken is in harmony with the vibrations unfolding in the One Body) and a group of individuals (second pole) who are not only centered in their own true identity, but also passionately motivated (they understand that they are essential to the fulfillment of this unique divine pattern) to consciously work in the spirit of unified radiation through the dynamic, creative field at hand. It is vitally important for each person participating in the field to remain conscious, holding the Attunement current sacred and true. In other words, all parties are attracted to the accomplishment of specific ‘heavenly’ work—the work of Being.

In a talk on group function entitled The Collective Body (9/14/1952) Uranda said, “….The goal is for the invisible realm of heaven to have a means of manifestation here on earth, here and now–not for us to get out of the earth into some heaven, but for heaven to come into the earth and express through the forms of our bodies, our circumstances, our patterns of life.”

Thus group (or collective) Attunement provides a setting for union (vesica piscis) whereby ‘heavenly’ patterns, the patterns of Being, may vibrationally manifest. Each collective Attunement or creative field is dependent on the many vibrational (people) factors needed in manifesting the divine patterns. For me, participating in conscious Attunement work is one essential key to the meaning of Life because it brings context in living. By context I mean a sense of belonging, fulfillment in purpose, the expanding experience of divine substance (pneumaplasm) which translates as ‘home’ for me, and the opportunity to work together to assist the pneumaplasm in the refining and ascending process.

Over the long weekend of August 3-5, there were 19 people who participated in an Attunement Intensive in Kansas City. This unique collective Attunement event was one for the ages (my description) — a vital, creative experience of divine work. For the most part, these spiritual opportunities are rare and are to be taken advantage of when available. So, I encourage you to make such events a priority in your life. There are various Attunement groups, radiation teams (LDAN), and classes in New England, the Midwest and Colorado that provide the opportunity to share in collective Attunement.

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  1. Chris,
    Thanks for your article on collective attunement. I wasn’t physically at the intensive but was definitely there with all of you in consciousness. I’m still in Little Rock trying a new drug to see if will work on this type of myeloma. Every time I start sharing attunement with the nurses or doctors that are serving me, or others in different parts of the world, I feel the current passing through my hands to the objective individual or grouping I’m considering. It’s great to be part of the container generated by the group in Kansas City and other groups, so this vital current may have an impact in the larger whole.

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