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IAAP Changes

Dear IAAP Friends,

In the final printed edition of “The Unified Field” newsletter, we shared the realization that the International Association of Attunement Practitioners (IAAP) has reached a threshold of maturity. Changes in the organizational structure are necessary to accommodate what many of us perceive as a wider vibrational field of people, their activities, and energies. This organizational shift will allow IAAP to be more a point of reference and resource, rather than being a focus of teaching and certifying Attunement Practitioners which has, heretofore, been one of its primary missions. This means that some of the forms that have been helpful as IAAP developed over the past thirteen years will be released. Newer forms will emerge to reflect the new focus of IAAP.

We wish to say a word of thanks for the individual board members who have, over this past year in particular, guided IAAP when the forces of change and new insight began. Elizabeth Turner, Judy Hunt, Tom Hansen, and Nancy Frederick have been generous with their time and energy in perceiving and stewarding what is to come next. We also extend our gratitude and love for those who have served on this Board since its inception in 1999. IAAP would not have arrived at this present exciting juncture without their contribution of passion and care for this Association. And lastly, a word of thankfulness for all who, over the years, have participated in the Attunement classes and events sponsored by IAAP. Remembering that we are all a part of the One Source, each individual’s radiant participation and generation of substance during a class cycle has significantly contributed to where we now find ourselves.

Below is an outline of the shifts that will occur at the end of IAAP’s fiscal year on June 30, 2012:

• There will no longer be a “Unified Field” newsletter. However, anyone will be able to receive communications through the reformatted website based on a simple email subscription.

• Annual fees will no longer be required to participate in IAAP activities, and we will no longer have formal “Associates”.

• IAAP will no longer sponsor the teaching and certifying of Attunement Practitioners. Classes will continue to be offered by various teachers.  See the “Training” section in this website’s menu for teacher information.

IAAP will continue to provide:

• A point of reference for Attunement training, direction, and counsel while encouraging the development of local teachers of Attunement.

• Financial assistance through the IAAP Scholarship Fund, which has played a significant role in allowing those interested in attending Attunement Courses to do so. As in the past, tax deductable contributions are always gladly welcomed.

• Mentorship and resources for Attunement questions and concerns.

• A reformatted website to encourage communication and exchange between Attunement Practitioners and those interested in the attunement process. Attunement articles and event information will be posted regularly and you may subscribe to notifications by email.

• Access to the Long-Distance Attunement Network (LDAN), and the quarterly LDAN teleconferences, are now open to everyone. Please see the IAAP website for further information and/or contact Liz Turner at

• The bi-monthly Attunement-themed teleconferences are also now open to anyone who wishes to participate. To see topics and find dates, visit this website and/or sign up for email updates.

• Information that will be posted to the reformatted website in the form of a blog in order to expand collective sharing.

Finally, the IAAP Board has downsized during this time of transition. The current Directors are Chris Jorgensen, Andrew Shier, and Joseph Antell. Please feel free to contact any one of us if you have questions or suggestions. We are thrilled with the possibilities on the expansive horizon and look forward to our ongoing connection in the unified field of Attunement.


Joseph Antell (
Chris Jorgensen (
Andrew Shier (