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Sanctifying the Weather

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO
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Seven of us men in the Attunement Community will be speaking and sharing our experience of the last few years of sharing Attunement with the weather – sanctifying the weather. What exactly does sanctifying mean? A dictionary meaning is “to consecrate, to make holy, to bless”. For our purposes, I am going to translate sanctifying as “meaning to share the truth of Attunement – the Attunement current that comes out of who I Am”. When the Attunement is genuine and true it opens the door for the radiation of Love to purify. Obviously, this can only be done on an individual basis, and when this is the fact, we can work together as a company of Creators collectively as well.

The Thyroid gland, fifth seal energy, is the radiation that creates and defines life patterns. Life energy is revealed through patterns. Human beings were created to have direct ties into all the patterns of life on the planet. This includes everything that one may touch in daily living – plants, animals, minerals, and even large global patterns like the magnetic field, an ocean, and the weather, to name a few. Did you know that there are seven layers to the planet’s atmosphere? Beginning to perceive and understand the small and large patterns of life can give one insight as to the movement of life energy on the planet. Life’s energy creates a “living cloud” around the planet. Indigenous people had a natural perception and, in some cases a keen awareness of the Thyroid fifth seal radiation and viewed these energy patterns as intimate relations and the planet as the Great Mother. To work with the weather, I encourage you to see and perceive the energy pattern for any weather event.

Climate change is real. An understanding of the consequences of climate change is a primary concern in the millennium generation, and the rest of us as well. The future of the life patterns on the planet is at stake. As the Earth’s climate warms many people say harmful, extreme heat and humidity are rising causing remarkable shifts in the life patterns of the planet’s surface – one of which is human life! There are many reasons for the rise in heat and humidity; primary among them is the continued expansion of the human race. The vast numbers of people, and what it takes to serve the multitude, literally means human beings are eating up the surface of the planet. When you have time go visit a website that has been helpful to me:

As I am preparing for the IAAP Global Attunement call I wish to emphasis that sharing Attunement with the weather does not mean controlling the weather, especially on a global level. If you wish to starting sharing Attunement with the weather, start local – what is transpiring in your neighborhood or city. Or, work in a team with others until you develop your perceptive skills.

Weather is created and is set in motion through the Adrenal (second seal) radiation which also creates the operational pattern for the outer mind. This means that the outer mind and weather are connected. And, realizing that every life pattern no matter its size is controlled by something; the question is, “What is it that is controlling?” It is interesting to note here the many comments by weather reporters who often say, “the weather is out of control!” The ego mind lives in chaos and confusion. However, a true Attunement brings Love’s radiation into the picture, helping to establish a direction for the pattern of weather that is more aligned with the divine, sanctified by the truth of Love. Thus, when I have shared Attunement with a thunderstorm with severe winds and large hail coming directly to our home, my Attunement is aimed at releasing Love’s radiation around and into the pattern of weather with the command (a rebuke), “Let the violence in this storm be released.” It is not about fighting the storm or directing it in another direction. It is about letting the storm be sanctified in the soothing balm of Love’s (Attunement) current.

Here is an Attunement exercise that anyone can start with to develop perceptive skills when working with the weather. This technique is from the Attunement: The Creator’s Magic book.

Weather Technique I

The first Attunement aspect in working with the weather is the ability (using your pneumaplasm and Second Seal radiation) to scan the area around your setting to feel and perceive the weather. Scanning involves looking into the surrounding area using your radiation, not perception, with the five senses. You can approach this type of scanning in the following manner. First, sit with your own life-pattern in your hands. Then incrementally extend your awareness, using your consciousness and pneumaplasm, to connect with yourself, the room you are sitting in, the building you are in, the city you are in, etc., expanding outwards. Usually I don’t go beyond 50 to 100 miles. When your radiant perception is out to the distance you wish to check, scan the area in a circular fashion, like the big hand moving on the face of a clock. Start at 12 and scan in a clockwise direction until you are back at 12 again as diagrammed below.

Take particular note of what you perceive in moving clockwise. Your perception will let you know where there is heaviness, density, pressure, etc. With practice, you will be able to feel different weather currents – thunderstorms, strong, and gusty winds, tornado activity, an approaching front, etc. Each current is unique. It will take time and practice to fill in your perception skills.




2 thoughts on “Sanctifying the Weather

  1. Thank you Chris,
    For this valuable information you have shared, to be explored and worked with in these days most especially.B

  2. Thank you so much Chris for the clarity echoed in your words. In anticipating our session together on sanctifying the weather, I appreciate this depth of invitation to consider the weather, not as needing to be controlled.
    “It is about letting the storm be sanctified in the soothing balm of Love’s (Attunement) current.”

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