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by Erin Rivers – Mission, KS
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Sanctification is a topic that comes up often in the Attunement community. Recently, Chris Jorgensen in his “Sustaining Attunement with a Creative Field – #2” (Dec. 12, 2021) stated how imperative it is to maintain the field, to keep the creative field functioning. He went on to state that in order to maintain the creative field, one must participate in the design of Love and to keep the creative field safe and clean in one’s heart and mind through daily sanctification.

I began to think about what daily sanctification means in my life. Then I began to wonder if reviewing my own daily sanctification rituals would be helpful for the larger Attunement community.

I am probably like most people in that I greet the morning with at least a few minutes of intentional and mindful thankfulness. Perhaps you recall the Morning Sanctification in Attunement Love Made Visible (25) that calls for us to be “aware of the vital importance of every circumstance, every activity and every relationship.” I love this and I appreciate that it asks for me to “release my love and greatness into each moment of today.” While most days I find it easy to release my love, releasing my greatness asks that I step into and own the position of service Attunement offers.

I also make a point to sanctify my workplace. As I enter my workplace, I have a small bell. I hold the room I work in (I am a teacher; it is a classroom) asking that all who enter this room feel connected to Spirit and surrounded in Love. For this, I focus on “The Attunement Practitioner’s Code” where it says “Even as the all-wise Great Spirit has been patient and generous with me in my process of maturing in stature and nobility, so also am I patient and generous with others. I do not give undue weight to distortions I may perceive around me…I am both truthful and encouraging in my relationships with others…I know that purity of heart removes shame, love dispels fear, the understanding of truth always clears hatred, and the expression of a generous spirit banishes greed.” Because I work with teenagers, I find this focus helpful in creating a place of calm amidst the chaos.

At the end of the workday, I ring that same bell, holding the room once again and expressing thanks for the day. I check my attitudes and feeling with respect to what had occurred, and I clear the room of any dissonant or negative energy. I find that this creates a smoother transition into a peaceful ride home.

As I get ready for sleep, I take time for daily Attunement. I work with myself, my family, and others. After I have finished with this, I sanctify my evening, again with something very like The Evening Sanctification found in Attunement Love Made Visible (25). I then also clear myself of any dissonant energy.

I am aware that many of those who read the article in IAAP already feel comfortable with the concept of sanctification and have some iteration of it that they practice for themselves. I also note that Attunement continually draws to it many new people, hungry for the Love and beauty of the Attunement surround. Regardless of where you are in the journey with Attunement, the importance and benefit of daily Sanctification is worth including into your daily rituals.

Bless your creative field daily through setting intention in sanctification. The act of maintaining a clear and open field will help us to play our unique part in holding space for and through what is transpiring. Attunement is love made visible. Let love radiate!


4 thoughts on “Sanctification

  1. Erin, this is so precise and simple and complete. “Setting intention in sanctification” is certainly what we do but I have not thought of it so succinctly and clearly. I am not among the “trained attunement professionals” but I am among those who sanctify and who take it seriously. So I appreciate what you have so beautifully shared here. Thank you.

  2. Oh, Erin. I am so thankful for you and our seasoned practitioners. I am a novice and lap up the inspiration from you, Chris, Donna and so many more. Thank you for sharing your rituals and wise words!

  3. Erin, I so enjoy your clarity of thought and expression and the pragmatic spirituality you obviously practice. Our grandson is a high school junior and I wish he had a teacher like you!
    Thank you—

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