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New Year Blessings from the President!

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO
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Today is the later part of January and a lot has transpired in the last several months. So, I felt it wise to share a brief update from the President.

Humanity continues to struggle with the virus pandemic. Never mind how it originated, the questions of masks or no masks, vaccine or no vaccine, teaching in person or teaching via zoom are still up in the air and the answers vary widely by country. Intensification is appearing on many fronts in the human world – economics, international relationships, and political agendas. The surface of the Earth is shifting and changing as well – climate, weather, ozone, depletion of natural resources are getting the attention of many now. On a more individual level, each person, regardless of location or status in the world, finds themselves going through a cleansing and clarification process of refinement. The world is shifting its vibration, moving to a higher vibration and frequency. Attunement is the perfect tool to encompass and work with this change.

We are fortunate to be an active part of the Attunement Community that is bringing the Radiance of Love into the world. Assurance is the key vibration now shining forth through the Thymus gland in this day – no more shame to cloud the perception. Let the new heaven (pneumaplasm) be generated in our living!

The primary mission of IAAP continues to be two-fold. First, to assist those in financial need who are interested in attending Attunement Classes and events. Second, to maintain a website that provides a point of Light as well as containing resources and information for people interested in Attunement.

I am most thankful for Erin Rivers (Secretary), Tom Hansen (Treasurer and techno genius) and Reven Bronson for their presence and contribution as IAAP Trustees. Their steady work and friendship are wonderful and appreciated.

Here are some specifics of IAAP’s business in the 2021-2022 year thus far. There was $11,074.79 in the bank on December 31st. IAAP continues to receive donations from many. Thank you to all who donate and support IAAP and Attunement! Donations can be made on the website using PayPal or by mailing a check to the International Association of Attunement Practitioners (IAAP), c/o Chris Jorgensen, 1600 Genessee St., #502, Kansas City, MO 64102.

Expenses fall into two categories. Operating costs include things like postal stamps, website hosting and updates, PayPal fees, teleconference hosting fees, and accounting fees for filing (non-profit) taxes. There were 10 scholarships, totaling $6,350.00, in the last half of 2021 – 8 to individuals taking Attunement classes, a scholarship/donation to Oakwood Retreat Center, and a scholarship to cover the cost of the meeting facility for the New England regional Attunement gathering last November.

Currently there are approximately 210 people registered on the IAAP mailing list. Anyone is welcome to sign up on the website to receive email notifications at no cost. Notices are sent when new blog articles conveying Attunement experiences and insights are published, as well as notifications of upcoming teleconferences.

IAAP continues to host international teleconference bi-monthly calls via Zoom. The next one is January 30th hosted by Joseph Antell.

There is one Attunement Radiation Team in Kansas City (daily 8 a.m. CST) facilitated by Cliff Roberts and me. A second Radiation Team in the New England area (daily at 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. EST) is facilitated by former IAAP Director Liz Turner.

Thank you to each of You for being a part of Attunement wherever you are. Your participation in Attunement allows the blessings of Love/Being to be present in the world in a direct way. If you have questions about IAAP or this update please contact me at or Tom Hansen at or Erin Rivers at or Reven Bronson at




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