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Sustaining Attunement with a Creative Field – #2

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO
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Doing the work of sharing Attunement with one’s creative fields is sixth seal (pituitary – spirit of the womb) radiation and stewardship. In this Attunement there comes an intimate awareness of the divine design – how the design is coordinated, how each one may participate in that design and, the ability to discern and perceive patterns of energy. The fifth seal (thyroid – spirit of life radiation) brings clarity in how the intricacies of Life work, including the overview of what is unfolding in Life’s processes.

“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” John 12:32

In this final part of my blog trilogy, I wish to address a couple more, at least in my perception, essential aspects of Attunement with Creative Fields. In the second blog article I considered the necessary requirements of Agreement and Flow in the Creative Field Attunement.

A question could be asked of anyone: How many creative fields are you (am I) actively participating in today? The fact is that we each play a part in many creative fields and together we all share the one essential creative field, our home among the stars – Earth. Consequently, creative fields are a large aspect of Attunement service for each Attunement Practitioner whether with people in a public practice or simply with oneself by sharing Self Attunement.

To continue with the Attunement…the other requirements are:

MAINTENANCE: when the state of union in Being is a fact in consciousness and one’s agreement in Being is established, and there is flow in one’s creative field, what comes next?

Action to maintain the field, to keep the creative field functioning!

How does an Attunement Practitioner consciously maintain his or her creative field?

First, one must participate in the design of Love. This design is not hierarchical in nature; it is based in Creative Fields. So, to sustain a creative field through Love’s radiation it is necessary to maintain an association and/or pattern of agreement between yourself and the person responsible for the larger creative field in which you find yourself participating. This connection is vital and must be kept sacred in order to keep one’s own creative field sustained with radiation. If your point of orientation is available (alive in human form) this can be accomplished through a direct connection or sharing long-distance Attunement. If your point of connection is invisible, this may be accomplished through prayer, meditation, stillness and Attunement. In either case your creative field, and all that is contained in it, is alive and connected to the larger One Field of the CREATOR (SPIRIT/LOVE/UNIVERSE) in which everything is. Another way of describing this is playing one’s part in the divine design of Love.

Second, your Attunement and conscious work with the other points at the base of any triangle (creative field) is honored and respected. You hold the uniqueness of what is appearing through the creative field safe and clean in your heart and mind. In other words, you do not let external emotional or feeling involvements and/or mental challenges and judgments persuade you from keeping your creative field agreement. Sanctify! Sanctify! Obviously, there will be pressures and challenges associated with this kind of spiritual work. There have been relatively few creative fields of this nature opened and maintained in form over the centuries of human history.

Third, let deep feelings of care and love move through you for what is in and what is transpiring through your field; it is your creation! What appears, even though it may be largely invisible, is blessed and held safe in thanksgiving.

EXPANSION: the principle and the process used to establish a creative field in yourself (between the mind and the feeling realm) or when two people are involved in Attunement is the same principle and process used when creating larger fields with more than two participants. Two examples are the bi-monthly Kansas City Attunement Sessions held via zoom and the International Association of Attunement Practitioner’s (IAAP) Attunement teleconference zoom calls where there may be 80 or so people participating. Together, the person(s) who facilitates the call and those who participate in the call, create an expanded place of union (vesica piscis). The expanded place of union stewards the Creator’s Love directly into creation. Large or small, the place of union comes by reason of the same divine principle. And anyone participating in this Attunement in a heartfelt way will find their own creative field(s) naturally expanding. Love’s radiation is never static; it is always moving, flowing, blessing. Thus, one is never out of work and never in need of a new job or position or acknowledgment. If the creative purposes for which we are here as Beings of Light and Love are to be fulfilled, there is a need for a great variety of various groupings by which particular divine purposes are accomplished.

“Creative work as we think of it now is primarily re-creative, that is, in the true or ultimate sense Creative work is the bringing forth of that which did not before exist, so what I am calling a Creative Field within the scope of our present consideration has the potentialities of that, but is primarily interested in re-creative work, that is, bringing forms already in existence into harmonization with the Perfect Pattern. I sometimes think that the re-creation of a human being is more difficult than the original creation.”
Uranda, from “Directions For A New Day #4”, 9/20/46

Awakening to the fact that I am a Creator in human form, focusing a creative field is the first step. Next, comes co-creating in the divine design. I will ask again: How many creative fields are you participating in today? Who are you are co-creating with? Do your creative fields carry the essential power of Love? If so, your fields are blessing and enriching the Earth. The new forms of creation are emerging through you and your Attunement service!

You and I were placed in the garden (Eden – Earth) to dress it and to keep it through the expression of Love’s radiation. I trust that these three blog articles on Creative Fields will open a larger aspect of Attunement service. Regardless of our outer roles in human society, let us share Attunement and bless the World as we each play our part in bringing forth new creation!




2 thoughts on “Sustaining Attunement with a Creative Field – #2

  1. “How many creative fields am I actively participating in today?” In answer, I actively participate in innumerable creative fields in each and every moment. My saying so is, by no means, an exaggerated claim. It is an ongoing Attunement experience in my own creative field.

    I often refer to that process as “Emanation Actuated Resonance”. That “Emanation” issues from the one Universal Source. “Actuated” means “made real here and now”, and that “Resonance” is what permeates every creative field in all of Creation.

    In that vein, as it is with everyone, my every moment’s uplifted thought, feeling, word, and deed plays a uniquely important part on Earth. “If two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.” (Matthew 18:19)

    Selah! So Be It, Now & Forever — the Eternal Present Moment.

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