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Sustaining Attunement with a Creative Field

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO
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In my last blog article I opened up a consideration of sharing Attunement with one’s Creative Field. Once there is a consciousness of having a creative field, and sharing Attunement with that field, there are several other factors in which to be aware such that the Attunement with the Field is sustained.

“…when a Creative Field does not last, and it does not stay polarized all the time, it cannot be used as a part of the unit, just the same as response which comes and goes cannot be used as a point of polarity in the world. Only that which is not influenced adversely by troubles or joys, reverses, successes, or anything else, provides something real to work with. The stability of the points of polarity, then, is of utmost importance. Now, whatever comes within the range of that Creative Field is that which is acted upon. If the point of polarity is stable then the period of acting upon will last as long as necessary to correct the condition with respect to that which is contained within the Creative Field, but if the point of polarity slips out every hour or two, or week or two, whatever you start to build or change vibrationally on the basis of the Creative Field goes to pieces every time the base slips, and you have to build all over again.”   – Uranda, from Directions For A New Day #4, 9/20/46

In the previous blog article I stated that when a consciousness of identity in Being is present in an Attunement Practitioner, her or his Presence will create a field of activity. And because most are not living alone in a cave somewhere (wherever that would be) we find ourselves in creative fields with other people – where two or more are together. The opening and maintenance of the place of union – the Vesica Piscis (or Pisces) – takes conscious spiritual Attunement work. Let’s consider a couple of these factors involved in the technology of creative fields.

AGREEMENT: is fundamental in allowing one’s creative field to work. In the Attunement Practitioner’s Course I teach that a basic creative field is a triangle with two points at the base in union because each base point is in agreement with a third point at a higher vibration. See the diagram below. When the place of union opens (Vesica Piscis) it permits what is higher vibrationally (above) to flow into what is below. One can think of this process as precipitation or descension. And, at the same time what is vibrationally lower (below) may be spiritualized or energized through ascension. The ancients understood this principle and used it to create a divine garden on the surface of the Earth. This simple divine principle is the means by which all form substance of whatever vibration can be lifted into the state (Shekinah Pattern) of Being. This is a description of true Attunement – a process by which we each participate in allowing new creation to unfold from the invisible into the visible. Currently, most of our Attunement work is involved in a re-creation and a re-orientation of matter substance. However this is changing! So, where is my substance of agreement? Is it in the vertical substance of Being (heaven) or is it more in the horizontal substance of form (earth)? “Attitudes of gratitude brings altitude!”

A side note: a part of my background is civil engineering (structural design and construction management). I once helped design a means of structurally carrying a natural gas pipeline (in the Gulf of Mexico) between two large offshore facilities. After reviewing all known structures guess what form was the most stable and most capable? The triangle!

FLOW: There is a current and flow to the radiation pouring through the place of union. “The fire of the Creator”, the radiation of Love, is what precipitates or descends from the higher vibration and energy substance (heaven –  pneumaplasm) into the lower vibration and energy substance (matter – form). The command of Love in Attunement is to hold steady in the flow! Flow in many aspects relates to the depth of heartfelt feeling for things of Being/Spirit.

When sharing Attunement with another – and one is first balancing the radiant flow with and in the life-pattern of that person – initially there will come a sense of union, the opening of the Vesica Piscis, and the flow will appear balanced and symmetrical. Following this initial balance there often comes another period – a movement in the place of union that can be described as non-symmetrical and out of balance. This flux of the radiation transpires – a pulse back and forth – until Love’s radiation has stretched and cleared the opening as much as is possible. Then the flow will come to clarity, balance, and symmetry and stay that way. The steady current of Love’s radiation will move into the earth – your individual creative field and the field you have opened and now share with the other person with whom you are sharing Attunement. And, Love’s radiation will do the work!

How long does one hold the flow into a creative field with another or holding the flow into your own personal field? It depends on what is involved. As the quote from Uranda said, if the point of polarity is stable then the period of acting upon will last as long as necessary to correct the condition with respect to that which is contained within the Creative Field. This could mean holding one’s field for days or weeks keeping the specific current of Attunement alive in consciousness as one moves about in daily living.

Attunement has been and is the restoration of a consciousness of the oneness of heaven and earth… and when this is so in your creative field, then Attunement is your direct and specific means by which the process of new creation may unfold. A new energy grid for the new world is now forming. Each one of us is invited to share Attunement and to participate in this process, letting Love’s radiation create a new world.




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  1. This is very clear and beautiful, Chris. I will keep this handy as a guide to sustaining a current of love’s radiation beyond my occasional attunement sessions. I had never really considered attunement as a means of creating a new world. This is a wonderfully new and expansive realization for me. Thank you.

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