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Transcript: Chris Jorgensen • IAAP Teleconference • Jan 29, 2020

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO
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As we age, we may discover that there are many different ways to be a blessing. One way is to bless others that we hold in our awareness just as we have been held in someone else’s conscious blessing and love as we have moved through the life process. The story of Mary Schmeer, mentioned by Paul, is the exemplification of that kind of Attunement.

There are many different articles and comments about aging that one can find on the worldwide web or in magazines. A friend mentioned to me the website: The Center for Conscious Eldering in Colorado. This organization provides workshops and seminars to help elders be conscious, to be mindful, so as to provide something of a blessing in their living. “As the baby boomer generation ages, a new vision of the elder years is emerging. The world needs the vision and gifts of elders. Elderhood is being recognized as a life stage, with the potential to be a time of wholeness, passion, purpose, continued growth, and commitment to service. It can be the culmination of one’s personal development.”

The comment about, “commitment to service”, struck a chord of agreement in me. Attunement and living in Attunement is about service. That can be challenging at times, especially as one becomes older in the aging process. Like many of you, I have noticed little and not so little things popping up physically as I age. I am not able to do what I was physically capable of doing when I was 25. I have discovered that it takes more time in the morning to take care of my form and all of its parts. When I was 25 all I had to do was comb my hair and go out the door. Now, I need to put on various liniments and cremes, check this and that body part, put drops in the eyes, etc. No doubt those who are older can relate to this fact. That said, it is a process of loving and caring for the sacred form that I have created. And this attunement process starts in the bathroom at the beginning of the day; an opportunity to be a blessing!

Another aspect of aging that I have noticed is that I have slowed down. I can’t go as fast as I used to. Long ago, as a young man, my father gave me some sage advice. He said, “A young fiddle plays faster, but an older fiddle plays a sweeter tune.” It is true! Slow down! Enjoy the process. Take your head and eyes away from the cell phone, look around and enjoy the beauty of life!

Another point to remember is to appreciate the small things that come into our lives. Particularly in youth, many people are seeking something great, something meaningful to do with their lives. Let’s leave our mark in the world! Yet, in aging one begins to understand that greatness truly comes in handling the small situations and circumstances of life. Handling the small things in a great way reveals and generates the substance of greatness, and this shines a bright light in the world.

A vitally important aspect of the aging process is the willingness to address the energy patterns that interfere with the clear expression of one’s Self, as you become aware of them. Ego-based human nature patterns that tend to eat up our energy and block the radiance from coming forth, can be dealt with in Attunement and released. Everyone has them because we all have human bodies and the energies that go along with them. Some of those patterns are based on family bloodlines and experiences, some come from cultures and societal norms, and others are simply the part of the world into which we incarnated. There are collective patterns. My body is a male body. There are some male patterns in the world scene that tend to get in the way of the radiance of love coming through cleanly and clearly. So, if I see a pattern, I deal with it. Attunement is a great tool for doing just that. All working toward the end that one is not dragging forth restrictive patterns into the elder years. In being around elders, there are some that you just love being with! Why? Because their atmosphere is sweet and light, loving and enhancing to you and you leave with a big smile on your face. And, there are other elders that you are near and you can’t wait to get away from them because their energy and their atmosphere is foul. They are filled with energy patterns that never resolved and now these patterns are up front and tend to get in the way, clouding the person’s life expression.

As we have aged, as I have aged, I have found a growing sensitivity; I am more sensitive today than I was in my youth. This increase in sensitivity is not only physical but a greater sensitivity in thought, feeling and importantly, perceptiveness. One may have the thought, “Well, this sensitivity is so that I can manage and navigate my world better.” Yet, I have discovered in myself that the increased sensitivity in perception and feeling, etc., is really for the greater expression of Being, of Spirit such that one may have an increased capability to discern the vibrations and the energies of Being and to articulate them in a meaningful way in living. This is divine service!

Some perceptions may lead you to pick up on what is transpiring in the larger collective. For example, are you aware that there is a particular planetary alignment underway at the moment (until 2/20), where five of the planets in the solar system are all on one side of the Sun? The lineup of planets brings a change, and a charge in the energy moving through the solar system. Having newer ranges of sensitivity is a gift through which a person may pick up on those vibrations. The increased sensitivity is for the discernment and the expression of the vibration of love, of Being.

One final comment about aging, and that is if one lives in Attunement, one will come to an increasing trust in Being, in Spirit. Can we, can I, move through the aging process without doubt, without question, despite the challenges, and remain trusting and loving of Being, of who I am to the end that anxiety, frustration, discouragement, and fear don’t corrupt my living expression? Personal Attunement is so vital in this process. There will be challenges like the new virus that’s been discovered in China. The coronavirus is starting to spread about the planet. No doubt there are reasons for it appearing now. You can feel some anxiety and fear in the world relative to this unknown virus. How can one meet this energy? Attunement with Being–a knowing that all is well; unconquerable Life prevails!

I was starting my end-of-the-year taxes this past week and reviewing my status with Social Security and Medicare. Those of you who are over 65 in the United States will be familiar with this monetary provision and health care for the elderly. Most countries in the world have some kind of program for assisting the elder population. Recently I read a statistic from AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) which said that 60% of the U.S. population, elders, did not save for retirement. They are dependent upon whatever the government provides from Social Security and Medicare, etc. I found this information interesting, not from the standpoint of having insufficient money or a lack of home or whatever it is so that one could be responsible for one’s Self. Rather, looking at this from a spiritual view, “What is the depth and breadth of personal substance generated over the years?” Is it radiant and full or has there been nothing generated and saved? With substance, one is in a position to shine! To bless the world! We are not living off the substance of someone else. I am, we are, actually bringing the substance of the radiance of love into the world. True stewards of Eden, our home!

Life prevails to such an extent that anyone who touches my presence can feel and know for themselves that there is a person who is “aged to perfection”. They radiate “all is well.”





4 thoughts on “Transcript: Chris Jorgensen • IAAP Teleconference • Jan 29, 2020

  1. I loved reading your words Chris, they resonate strongly with me as I face the aging process in myself. For some years now I have volunteered with the ‘University of the Third Age’, a group for retirees who share their gifts and passions with other other. I run Tai Chi sessions which I find are like sharing an attunement as we move and breath together. This uses the Chinese meridian system rather than the endocrine system, but the end result is still peace and harmony.



  3. Wow, I loved reading your words! Your words and thoughts are so wise and helpful in reminding me I am on the right path. I have been lead to really delve into “mindfulness” and “self-compassion” the past couple of months. I am reading, journaling and taking online classes. It has been a very rewarding couple of months. I love the attunement process in knowing I can “be present” with someone even though we are miles apart. I love attunement because it is about self-love, self-compassion, and mindfulness.

    Thank so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences on the aging process. It certainly is a different time in one’s life. A time I have discovered is much easier when I accept the process.

  4. This is such a vital sharing Chris — as in full of vitality. It is said of Moses, at the completion of his incarnation, that his vision was not dimmed, nor his natural force abated. He was full of vital force, life force, vitality. Another characteristic, which may be present from childhood, or develop in later years and endure to the end of days, is the quality of trustworthiness — one is trusted by others, and trusted by the Lord, as a steward of the substance Eden, the substance of the Garden. These two qualities are evident in your life of service: vitality and trustworthiness. It is humbling to note and write these words — in gratitude. db

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